Friday, January 30, 2015

Digging Up the Marrow Tickets are Finally Here!

The day many of us have been hearing about and waiting for is finally here... Digging Up the Marrow tickets are on sale! And it's such a relief to know that at least that part of the journey is over. 

I've been worrying about these tickets for the past couple of weeks. Seriously. Since the dates and cities were announced, I paid a daily visit to the Shattuck theatre's website, hoping to catch the announcement and beat the rush but, like I mentioned in an earlier post, there wasn't even any mention of the event. I started checking a couple of times a day, whenever I had a moment. Finally, I called the theatre and got the manager on the phone, with surprising ease. She assured me that yes, the event will be held here and that as soon as she gets the email confirming a couple of details the tickets will be available. I continued to check but the tickets were not posted that day.

Something compelled me to call back the next day, I can't remember exactly why. I think I had a specific question and was too impatient to wait. I called back and got the same manager, who remembered speaking to me the other day. She answered whatever question I had and was really nice about my pestering the theatre. (I imagined a lot of people were doing the same thing but I don't know.) She said she had just read the email she mentioned yesterday and estimated that the sale would probably start at around 3. She also offered to just call me back just before or right after posting the ticket sales, which I wouldn't have asked her to do but since she was offering I definitely left my number. We would figure out where this would be listed together. 

I feel bad about not remembering the Shattuck Theatre manager's name because she was very nice and accommodating, even though she seemed to have a lot on her plate already. So I was a little surprised when my phone rang and she was on the line. She just wanted to assure me that they had not forgotten about me, but they were having technical difficulties with the site. People were working on it and I was welcome to call back. I decided against it and luckily I didn't need to. Adam Green posted links to all the theatres that started selling tickets on and, after I received my confirmation email, I could finally relax! 

I don't know if this problem is specific to the San Francisco date or too all of the dates that will be held at Landmark Theatres. I checked the site again out of curiosity and there is still no mention of Digging Up the Marrow anywhere on there, you'll have to go through to get your tickets before they're all gone.


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