Monday, January 26, 2015

Digging Up the Marrow - SF Ticket Watch & Trailer Update

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Since the tour dates for the Digging Up the Marrow were announced last week I've been religiously checking the Landmark Theatres site to see if tickets have gone on sale. For days, there wasn't even any mention of the event and I started to wonder whether I was stalking the wrong location. I finally decided to call the theatre. Maybe I needed a handshake or password or something? But I was reassured that the site should be updated today, the theatre was just waiting on show times and some other details.

Tickets to the event are only $15 and give all of those attending a chance to get their hands on some exclusive merchandise that will only be available at the screening/art show. You can also choose to get the VIP ticket for $50 and ensure that you get one of these cool prints. It's a really good deal because the print itself is the same price. You just have to act fast to grab one.

Limited giclee print by Alex Pardee. Reserve yours with a VIP ticket
Either ticket you end up getting comes with the opportunity to meet Adam Green and Alex Pardee. 

Well, it's just past 9:30 pm and the tickets still have not gone on sale. I'll contact the theatre again tomorrow to see if they know any more of the details and I'll share what I find out.

If you haven't been following the developments of Digging Up the Marrow you can read about it at or check out the new trailer below.

- Huntress

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