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The Best Horror of 2013

2013 has come and gone and even though the Overlook Theatre is technically a film blog, horror is an obvious focus. So I rounded up 5 reviewers who have actually seen most of the horror films released in 2013 and had them each write a top 10. I then averaged the picks to make our first official list...

The Overlook Theatre's Top 10 Horror of 2013

 "The Conjuring"

This was a pretty obvious choice and with a world wide box office total of $316,700,141 it's safe to assume other people liked the film too. I constantly praise this film as the best ghost story to date, due to it's dual family story lines and awesome climax! This is definitely a must see.
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 "Insidious: Chapter 2"

James Wan took both first and second this year, "Insidious Chapter 2" is definitely more campy than "The Conjuring" but together, the films pretty much cover all aspects of a good ghost story. I just hope he decides to return to the genre and if not, at least he's leaving on a high note. 
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"V/H/S 2"

"V/H/S 2" or "S-V/H/S" (original title) took number 1 on my personal list as I love this film to no end, and with the first film being as awesome as it was I was amazed that this sequel surpassed it. Featuring shorts from Gareth Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, and my personal favorite Jason Eisener. Not to mention film creators Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard. With all this talent it's no wonder I had to see this the two days it screened in SF.

"Curse of Chucky"

Next is a film most people (including horror fans) thought would totally suck. I myself think Don Mancini is a genius and would blindly buy anything he puts out, with that said I am also a big fan of "Seed of Chucky" and now that I think of it, I need to review that and shed some light on the masterpiece it is.
Getting back to Curse, this film has my favoirte shot of 2013. It takes place when Chucky poisons a random bowl of chili and the camera cuts to everyone sitting down to eat. Since the cut left took place before we could see who got the poisoned bowl this scene becomes incredibly suspenseful. We watch looking for signs of someone being ill and the camera pulls back on a tracking shot and spins around the table. With six people sitting at the table and 1 deadly bowl of chili, the shot becomes a perfect visual metaphor for Russian roulette. Easily the coolest shot/scene of 2013.
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"Willow Creek"

I'm still kinda bummed that Bobcat didn't make it to the screening we attended but "Willow Creek" did not disappoint us at all. I get very annoyed at all the hate Found Footage receives and how it gets labeled a gimmick. I feel that a film that imitates amateur footage is totally relevant in a genre that is filled with student/independent films and not to mention the style totally suspends disbelief.  
"Willow Creek" isn't anything too different, but it features a scene that is incredibly suspensefu,l so much so that you can't wait for it to end and not because it's boring but because you want the relief.
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"Evil Dead"

"Evil Dead" came out before I started this blog which is kind of a good thing now that I think about it. Since this has become one of the most polarizing horror films of 2013, I think it deserves a good write up. Until that happens, I'll just say "Evil Dead"  2013 is a darker, less-campy, still ultra violent reboot that takes place in an alternate universe that is set to cross with the original universe in an epic 7th film series climax! And I for one am ready! Oh and as a collector, Target came out with an exclusive steel box that is worth looking for.


This indie scared the hell out of me, I seem to be the only one to have reacted this way, but I just have to put it out there. "Resolution" features some awesome visual narrative and great philosophical horror jibe and all while still being entertaining and scary. Watch this one and expect a review in the near future.

"All Hallows Eve"

Huntress found this film at the Haight Street Amoeba for $4.99 and this turned out to be an amazing find which is strange since Amoeba usually sucks because they know when they have something cool and charge accordingly... 
This film was screened fairly recently which may have resulted in it appearing on this list, but I can atleast say I personally loved this film and it would have made my top 10 no matter what. This film may look and feel a bit low budget at first and seem unwatchable but stick with it you'll be very glad you did. "All Hallows Eve" also features a killer nod to silent film... You'll get it when you watch it.


The remake of "Maniac" is proof that remakes can be amazing if you actually have an idea or new direction for the film and if it's not just a money grab... This film is mostly POV and from Elijah Wood's eyes! If that isn't creepy enough for you the film was also written by one of my horror favorites Alexandre Aja! 

"Hatchet III"

Adam Green is living the horror buffs dream. Hanging out with the likes of Kane Hodder and Daniel Harris, "Hatchet III" is packed with cameos and nods to the slasher genre. This film feels a little different from the previous two since Adam Green stepped out of the directors seat, but I for one love the new feel. 
Also, Adam Green has a petition up to get a 3rd season of Holliston going, I honestly am surprised how many horror fans have yet to see this show. If you haven't't seen it check it out! And sign the Petition here.

I also would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has returned to this blog over and over this past year. I have had a lot of fun writing for you guys and much more than I would have ever imagined. The only thing that could make me happier is to see more comments and feedback, so start participating!

Individual Lists:

Ice Giant:
1. V/H/S 2
2. The Conjuring
3. Insidious Chapter 2
4. Resolution
5. Evil Dead
6. You're Next
7. Maniac
8. Willow Creek
9. All Hallows Eve
10. Cures of Chucky

1. Insidious Chapter 2
2. The Conjuring
3. Maniac
4. V/H/S 2
5. Hatchet III
6. Curse of Chucky
7. Evil Dead
8. All Hallows Eve
9. Willow Creek
10. American Mary

The Great Hornito:
1. The Conjuring
2. Insidious Chapter 2
3. Willow Creek
4. All Hallows Eve
5. Hatchet III
6. Curse of Chucky
7. V/H/S 2
8. Hansel & Gretel
9. You're Next
10. Resolution

The Imposter:
1. The Conjuring
2. Evil Dead
3.Insidious Chapter 2
4.V/H/S 2
5. Bad Milo
6. Curse of Chucky
7. American Mary
8. Hatchet III
9. Resolution
10. Willow Creek

Lord Battle:
1. V/H/S 2
2. The Conjuring
3. Evil Dead
4. Magic Magic
5. Maniac
6. Resolution
7. You're Next
8. Curse of Chucky
9. Willow Creek
10. All Hallows Eve

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