Saturday, January 4, 2014

Citizen Choice Marathon

The first Citizen Choice Marathon took place yesterday and I realized I had never mentioned it on the blog. Every time I use a characters review on the movie poster above a post I give that character a point. For every 5 points they accrue they get to choose a movie to screen at the next citizen choice screening. The only rules I have for picking films is that it be something we have yet to review.

Yesterday we had 7 reviewers in attendance and we started pretty late. To select the order in which the films were shown I had people draw numbers. Among the numbers was a letter "A" which when drawn would remove the reviewers movie from the screening but they received something I had framed earlier from Electric Zombie (pictured below).

The Great Hornito ended up winning the Ash portrait.

The movies shown were as follows:

Book Wyrms pick : "Battle Royale" (2000, Japan)

Ice Giant's pick : "Weirdsville" (2007, Canada)

Math Mage's pick : "Paprika" (2006, Japan)

All of the films will be reviewed and each with a closing from the citizen that selected the film!

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