Friday, August 21, 2020

Infection | Smile Dog Short Film by Creepypizza + The NoSleep Podcast

Earlier this month INFECTION hit YouTube and it's been rippling  ever since. 

Made on an iPhone8 while in quarantine, INFECTION combines the revealing nature of what we type but don't send - as in Unfriended - with the very necessary POV of a flashlight in the dark - much like Nightlight - and the two fit together effortlessly. It was written and directed by Michael Davis, who collaborated with Michael Lutz, the writer behind the original Creepypasta, and The NoSleep Podcast, who immerse you in their scary stories and keep you up all night. 

This isn't Michael's first time working with the in-world camera/found footage genre - he was actually part of the very first year of the Unnamed Footage Festival with his film RECLUSE, which we were excited to screen. 

After finding a video camera, a young man recites the events that lead him
to be trapped in a room with a ferocious demon waiting just outside the door.

RECLUSE featured a single setting and was made for $250. It's a great example of how much you can accomplish, not with an endless budget, but with a good idea. Michael is one to watch, if you ask me. 

So here it is in its entirety, INFECTION. Watch it, enjoy it, share it. And hopefully we'll get more in-world, mid-quarantine movies!

And if you're curious, here's the NoSleep Podcast episode where Smile Dog first appeared.


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