Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bluray Tuesday Featuring: Mikey, The Wretched & Live Feed

August 11th 2020

Bluray Tuesday creeps up on us once more! First up is one I'm most excited for, Mikey. I watched this one a lot when I was younger, renting it at the video store and watching over and over. I'm glad MVD is releasing this for the first time on Bluray today. Next up from IFC Midnight is The Wretched, another one I enjoyed and will add to the collection in the near future. Unearthed Films releases Live Feed. I've never seen this but it has definitely piqued my interest. Rounding out the week is the Casper steelbook only at Best Buy for its 25th anniversary, the newest season of Blacklist, and The Phantom of The Opera from Scream Factory. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

Mikey (Blu-ray) 

Mikey: Amazon - $22.99

Although Mikey is just a little boy, he is capable of anything.... Every family Mikey lives with has a series of unexplained "accidents" and hence he's moved from home to home. After his original family die, accidently, Mikey is taken by authorities and placed into the care of adoptive parents. Of course they eventually come to learn that.

The Wretched (Blu-ray) 

The Wretched: Amazon - $22.99

A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parent's imminent divorce, faces off with a thousand year-old witch, who is living beneath the skin of and posing as the woman next door.
Live Feed (Blu-ray) 

Live Feed: Amazon - $19.99

Five young adults are about to find themselves in a fight for their lives, pitted against evil itself! While on vacation in a foreign city, one of the five makes a seemingly innocent albeit ignorant mistake and soon all of them will realize the cost of such an inconsequential action. A stranger appears to help them, but is this too little, too late?

Ozone (Blu-ray) 

Ozone: Amazon - $24.99

While ambushing a drug-dealer, Detective Eddie Boone is injected in a fight against the dealer with a new drug called Ozone, which transforms the users in powerful zombies. His partner and friend Mike Weitz is kidnapped by a group of Ozone addicted. Eddie tries to find Mike in the streets, fighting against the zombies and having several hallucinations due to the effect drug in his blood.

Serial Killer Collection (Blu-ray) 

Serial Killer Collection: Amazon - $19.99

Mainstream movies that depict serial killers completely sanitize their actions, or they rely too much on blood and gore. In this collection of four movies, the emphasis is on the bizarre and aberrant behavior. The main feature "Depraved" is a word that sums it up the best, but there are three other movies that are just as twisted.
 Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (Blu-ray) 

Max Reload and the Nether Blasters: Amazon - $19.99

A video game store clerk must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision game. Unbeknownst to Max, the game bears a "Curse of The Ages", and in playing it, he has just unlocked the Nether, an ancient malevolent force of evil from the cartridge, upon his small hometown. Along with a mysterious masked man and his two best friends, Liz and Reggie, Max must figure out how to beat the Nether at it's own game before it's Game Over for humanity.

Valley of the Gods (Blu-ray) 

Valley of The Gods: Amazon - $14.99

Entwines Navajo lore with a reclusive trillionaire and his would-be biographer, creating a fascinating, mysterious and idiosyncratic vision of America.
The High Note (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

The High Note: Amazon - $19.99

A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.
Gemini (Blu-ray) 

Gemini: Amazon - $17.99

Country doctor Yukio couldn't ask for much more from life. Well respected in the community, he has a flourishing practice and a beautiful wife, albeit one who can't remember her past. Yukio prefers to associate with the upper class, and his disdain for the less fortunate causes him to turn away from those in need. But soon his storybook life begins to fall apart, with the murder of his parents and the appearance of a dangerous man who looks exactly like him and is intent on taking over his life.

Final Space: The Complete First and Second Seasons (Blu-ray) 

Final Space (Complete Series): Amazon - $24.99

New animated series Final Space, an interstellar comedy created by independent filmmaker, actor, comedian and entrepreneur Olan Rogers. Final Space is being produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco and New Form, in association with Turner's Studio T. Rogers and creative partner David Sacks will write the episodes, executive-producing them along with O'Brien, David Kissinger, Larry Sullivan and Jeff Ross of Conaco and Kathleen Grace, Melissa Schneider and Matt Hoklotubbe of New Form. Final Space is a serialized intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake. The series will follow their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of "Final Space," the place where the entire universe ends.

Front Standard. Casper [25th Anniversary Edition] [SteelBook] [Blu-ray] [Only @ Best Buy] [1995]. 
Casper (Steelbook): Best Buy - $14.99

Casper (voiced by Malachi Pearson) is a kind young ghost who peacefully haunts a mansion in Maine. When specialist James Harvey (Bill Pullman) arrives to communicate with Casper and his fellow spirits, he brings along his teenage daughter, Kat (Christina Ricci). Casper quickly falls in love with Kat, but their budding relationship is complicated not only by his transparent state, but also by his troublemaking apparition uncles and their mischievous antics.

The Phantom of the Opera (Blu-ray) 

The Phantom of The Opera: Amazon - $24.99

The corrupt Lord Ambrose D'Arcy steals the life's work of the poor musical Professor Petry. In an attempt to stop the printing of music with D'Arcy's name on it, Petry breaks into the printing office and accidentally starts a fire, leaving him severely disfigured. Years later, Petry returns to terrorize a London opera house that is about to perform one of his stolen operas

Split Second (Blu-ray) 

Split Second: Amazon - $27.99

In a futuristic London, the rising sea levels mean that large areas are under feet of water. Hauer plays a cop who previously lost his partner to some strange creature. Now the creature is back and is after him.

Eureka: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) 

Eureka (Complete Series): Amazon - $42.99

Welcome to the quirky and seemingly perfect small town of Eureka, where the hidden work of America's brightest scientists can lead to innovation or utter chaos. Making sense of the mysteries is Sheriff Jack Carter, a former U.S. marshall who, after a random car accident, becomes a permanent resident of the surreal small town where nothing is as it seems.
The Blacklist: The Complete Seventh Season (Blu-ray) 

Blacklist (Season Seven): Amazon - $40.99

Former government agent turned international criminal Raymond "Red" Reddington has eluded capture for decades. One day, he abruptly surrenders to the FBI and agrees to help them capture terrorists under the condition he only communicate with Elizabeth Keen, an inexperienced profiler who just recently graduated from Quantico.

-The Impostor

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