Thursday, March 15, 2018

Unnamed Footage Festival Lineup: Just the Shorts!

By now you guys probably know that we intend to show twelve features, paired with twelve shorts, but which titles are paired together is still a floating question. Until now!

This is a peek into the mood setting shorts we'll be screening in the order that they will appear in the program. Many of these are what I would call experimental or even art house, several were made locally, and at least one was made specifically for this festival. 

Remember, pre-sale weekend and day passes are available through Film Freeway, individual tickets will be available the day of their screening. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

~Saturday 24th~

Saturday 24th @ 11am (9min)
A bio scientist becomes trapped in a testing lab when a deadly Rage virus is accidentally released. It's then a race against time to find his girlfriend and escape the lab before the Rage destroys everything in its path.

Followed by Cold Ground


Special Feature (2018)
Saturday 24th @ 12:55pm (11min)
The filming of a special features extra for a film.

Followed by The Next Big Thing


Saturday 24th @ 3pm (8min)
What are The Ingress Tapes? The ramblings of a violent fantasist? Or the taped confession of a multiple murderer who was never caught? Documentary or Fiction? Watch The Ingress Tapes and then wish you hadn't.

Followed by Butterfly Kisses


Two Guys Break into Thorp Park (2014)
Saturday 24th @ 4:55pm (3min)

Followed by Descent into Darkness: My European Nightmare


Internet Story (2010)
Saturday 24th @ 7pm (10min)
A series of shocking events unfolds when a young man creates a public treasure hunt for his own amusement and a video blogger decides to pursue the riddles across country.

Followed by Unfriended


Life in a Datsun (1998)
Saturday 24th @ 9pm (7min)
A cutting edge documentary about the Datsun 120Y. As found on a VHS tape from 1999.

Followed by Long Pigs


~Sunday 25th~

Recluse (2017)
Sunday 25th @ 11am (9min)
After finding a video camera, a young man recites the events that lead him to be trapped in a room with a ferocious demon waiting just outside the door. But can his story be trusted?

Followed by Boots on the Ground


Sunday 25th @ 1pm (8min)
In this found footage POV short, a man unboxes a James Franco doll and it holds a strong sexual power over him.

Followed by Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


Trip to the Moon (2016)
Sunday 25th @ 2:55pm (11min)
A 10 minute film made from 16mm found footage of NASA- about the human aspect of space travel and life in general.

Followed by The Road Movie


Sunday 25th @ 4:35pm (3min)
2 ghouls find a cell phone on a corpse.
Starring actual ghouls doing ghoulish things.

Followed by The Triangle


The Cop Cam (2016)
Sunday 25th @ 6:50pm (3min)
A police officer is called out to an abandoned house. His body cam records everything.

Followed by #Screamers


Sunday 25th @ 8:45pm (1min)
A giant spider lurks in the forest.

Followed by WNUF Halloween Special


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