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The Overlook Theatre Reviews: Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night

7 of 7 viewers "Liked" "Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night's" (2010, Japan)
Here's what the creatures had to say:

Math Mage - "(I have never seen any other Paranormal Activities) I like haunting movies, especially when the haunted have modern reactions. I like that the steps they take don't do nothing (but don't do enough). It really captured the feeling of helpless dread that Japanese horror films exemplify." - 4 Stars

Rel - "I didn’t watch the other Paranormal Activity films, this foreign rehash would actually be the first horror film in awhile for me. I often avoided the horror genre for two reasons: too scary, or not scary enough. But regardless of the genre films can fit the criteria for a watchable movie for myself all the same. It just needs a good plot and to be decently directed. Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night generally fits this. If you get in your car, and double check your backseat for anything, I think a horror film has done its job. The thing is, the jump-scares couldn’t really jump me. That’s still not to say it wasn’t creepy. There were times (especially when the bass starts going) where the dread and uncertainty start to build, where I can see other people definitely getting a jump. I guess it just didn’t get me that way. Giving credit to where credit is due, one’s mood going into a movie matters a lot. At no point did I feel the film was dragging and I would say that the film’s strongest point was its pacing. I think that’s in part due to a good story, or at least a decent one. The character's relationships made me want to learn more about them and kept me engaged throughout. Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night starts you somewhere sunny and smiling and then gradually takes you to a place of despair." - 3.5 Stars

Eddie the Gamer Ghoul - "Too many movies dun' fer'got how ta build up fear wift da small stuffs. So it was nice ta see how smoov'ly dey done did it. Start'n wift da door open'n and da noises, ehhh... den da crack'n of her bones when she dun stood up an' da pops being stuffed in dat cubbie. Brother an' Sis' seem ta have believable relations. Heh.. even started ta think he was a lill' sof' on her. Though she sem't ta go from one ta ten every time she'd freak out. One: Glass shatters no reason... She dun okay. Ten: Some'tin touched me. Gotta say I got a lill scarroused wift all her hard breav'n. Lastly dis one kinda goes both good an' bad fer me. The random intro ta his "friends" an what not. Lady freaks out an' dey up an leave never ta be brought back inta da movie. Personally I kinda wanted ta at least hear his friend ei'ver give'n a memorial speech about dude 'er sum'tin. Alls an all a good movie I tink." - 4 Stars

Wandering Panda
- "A Japanese adaptation of an American film that is in the shared universe as its predecessor. I loved this movie. Its choice of angles, sounds, characters, and general mood/tone. It's unsettling when doors open in the middle of the night or a hovering person stands next to you while you sleep. It's just creepy. The little things like a foot sticking out of the closet, you think was poor editing but no it's important or the cracking sound her legs made when she stood up. These things stand out the most and stuck with me long after the credits rolled. This is a film that respected the original and it shows. The main character was both entertaining and frankly lovable. I felt sympathy for Koichi because he was trying everything he could to save his sister. The bond between both actors was believable and should be appreciated. Watch this movie now if you can, with the lights off, sound high, and with quiet people. You will not regret it." - 4 Stars

Lord Battle- "Cultural adaptations can be very insightful and especially exciting when they are coming out of Japan and you live in San Francisco. At the turn of the century, we seemed to get a new one every couple years; The Ring (2002), The Grudge (2004), Pulse (2006), Shutter (2008), Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (2010)... What happens when you have an American haunting in a country that isn't primarily Christian? Try the local religion, and if that fails, buy a cross! Why did the couple change from boyfriend and girlfriend to brother and sister? Apparently implied incest isn't unusually... Why couldn't they come up with a better tie-in than using a combination of a racial/gender stereotype to kill off Katie? I realize it might sound like I'm ragging on this film but it's actually my 3rd favorite of the series, right behind The Marked Ones and Paranormal Activity 3." - 4.5 Stars

Huntress - "Although it was not my favorite of the franchise, Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night was far from the worst. The story follows the typical story arch, teases that more is to come with a couple of spooky flares early on, builds, and then drops everything all at once. Something about this addition to the franchise makes it feel somehow less consequential like there was less at stake, and I can't quite put my finger on why. There was also an air of fan-made-ism about this film, which is especially highlighted by the elusiveness of a physical copy of the movie and similarity of the poster, but it worked for me. It's also got some awesome reveals!" - 3.5 Stars

The Great Hornito - "Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night has all the same elements that the Paranormal Activity series has to offer. It really doesn't offer anything new to the viewer but it does the same formula very well. It has the same burning tension and good jump scares. The acting and cinematography are great too, but it just feels like a poor man's version of the original. It's worth checking out if you are a found footage/Paranormal Activity fan." - 3 Stars

The Overlook Theatre Final Rating*
(Below is for after you've seen the film)

Our screening of Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night was a weird one. First Dabbles made up an excuse to miss the screening. For a little context, I'll admit that when I first recruited the goblin as a reviewer he flat out told me he was deathly afraid of paranormal films, especially Paranormal Activity, so this wasn't particularly surprising. We are also now in the 3rd year of weekly screenings and a lot of the older/original creatures are missing (I actually consider this the 3rd wave of creatures). Thankfully there is new blood to be spilled, which brings me to why this is weird... None of the creatures in attendance had seen the original Paranormal Activity (other than Huntress (Eddie had seen Paranormal Activity 2...)), which on its own isn't that strange but considering that 4 North American monsters were now watching the Japanese adaptation of an American blockbuster is pretty special. Another thing worth mentioning about this screening is it scared the Math Mage. This is actually the 4th film to scare him (in 4 years), but only the second he's brought up on his own. The other two required verbal combat between him and myself.

- Lord Battle

The Overlook Theatre materialized in a residence for a special screening on 2/8/2018
*Based on the star ratings turned in by character reviewers, others viewed and got to "Dislike" or "Like" but that does not affect the rating.

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