Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Insider: Unearthed Films Releases Lilith's Hell and Dreaming Purple Neon in October

In just over a week, Unearthed Films will be releasing Lilith's Hell on DVD. The pre-order is up now at the Unearthed Films site. 

"A pair of filmmakers try to work with Ruggero Deodato, "Cannibal Holocaust, Jungle Holocaust, House on the Edge of the Park, Cut and Run" to pull of a horror film based on realism. The producers family house, where the film is to be shot turns out to have it’s own secrets, hidden behind the walls. Secret chambers and ritualistic ceremonies invoking the spirit of Lilith. She who was cursed by God for not obeying Adam in the Garden of Eden. The women in the crew are possessed one, by one and their only salvation is thru death. Once unleashed, nothing can prepare you for LILITHS HELL!"

Director of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust, and master of the cameo, Ruggero Deodato, joins the cast for one of his only credited roles listed on IMDB. The film will be released October 17th. It shares the momentous date with another title from Unearthed, Dreaming Purple Neon.

One of the  newest on a long list of micro-budgeted and indie horror films, Dreaming Purple Neon does not skimp on the blood, gore, and grindhouse insanity.

"Dallas returns home after years away to try to reconnect with his ex Denise. Cat steals her boss Ray Ray's stash of "Purple Neon" and goes to meet Denise at her boss's office. Ray Ray and Tyrone follow her there, looking for his drugs while a demonic cult is operating out of the basement trying to raise demons by using the drug to bridge the gap between the land of the living and Hell."

You can also pre-order Dreaming Purple Neon at


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