Sunday, October 1, 2017

High School Horror Comedy, Tragedy Girls Made An Impression On Book Wyrm

This past weekend several of the creatures from the Overlook headed out of the bay and into Philadelphia for the 2nd annual Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival at the Drake Theater. I wasn't there for the first day on Thursday, but my first film on Friday (not counting the short that played beforehand), Tragedy Girls, did not disappoint and left me pumped up and excited for the rest of the film festival.

Just to give you a short synopsis, Tragedy Girls is about two high school best friends who are determined to make a splash on social media and bring attention to their death oriented blog by killing their classmates and anyone else who happens to irritate them. The kills are explosive, gory, and often leave you feeling anxious for both the murderers and their victims, which really made me like the film more. The two female leads, Sadie and McKayla, are so charismatic and likeable, but at the same time the exact stereotype of millennial teenage girls in that they are constantly on their phones updating social media, are the presidents of prom committee, unironically say things like "are you jelly?". And they just so happen to be obsessed with all things having to do with death, murder, and slashers.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and thought that it was clever and funny, I did find myself wanting more from the ending. The masks the girls wear and their prom scene was so hyped up by PUFF (they even had their own prom night theme especially for the movie featuring replica masks to help set the tone) and when the movie got to that scene I was ready for the ultimate bloodbath/massacre. Unfortunately, that was not what I got. Although there was a massacre, it was rather downplayed and what happened in the film rendered their masks pretty much useless which was disappointing. The outfits and whole set up for that scene were great and really had me anticipating more, but both were under utilised.

Despite the letdown, I still gave Tragedy Girls 5 stars and would readily rewatch this with friends. It was funny, entertaining, suspenseful, dramatic, and gory all at once. It managed to hit all of those notes without any hiccups. The actresses and the other cast members acted phenomenally and for a movie about two high school girls with a murder blog, this was fantastic. If you have the chance to watch it at any point, please do!!!

-Book Wyrm

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