Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Bill Watterson (Dave Made A Maze)

We ring in this last Thursday of August with the 54th episode of The Overlook Hour, where the main feature being discussed is Dave Made A Maze, a film we've both talked about and reviewed. But this time, the guys are joined by the director/ co-writer, Bill Watterson.

Bill has an extensive list of acting roles listed on IMDB, but with Dave made A Maze, he's moved into the director's chair and collaborated with a lot of people to get the film funded and made. And now, he joins the Overlook Hour's hosts to lovingly dissect his film and discuss everything from the film's sympathetic characters to how the hell they were able to pull off the style the whole way though. You guys can also check out what the creatures thought of the film in our review.

And get screening dates, still, and more info about Dave Made A Maze at!

But before that, the guys go around the table to discuss each creature's overlooked movie for  the week. KillDozer kicks things off with bargain bin gem Man's Best Friend, Lord Battle chimes in with low-budget indie Charlotte: The Doll Behind the Horror, and Clark joins randy to talk about the newly released Gook.


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