Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bluray Tuesday: Featuring King Arthur, Teen Wolf & The Dinner

August 8th 2017

Bluray Tuesday arrives once again. A bit of a lighter week compared to last week's releases, but there are some cool additions you can add to your growing collections. Scream Factory releases two collector's editions this week, Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too. The original Teen Wolf is classic I remember watching as a kid but I don't recall the sequel too much. I look forward to checking these out this week with the all new transfers and bonus material. The Dinner is next up for today. The Dinner is not one for everyone I'd say. I expected more from the cast of this caliber. The acting is great and story line definitely deals with issues of today's time. The ending did kind of upset me but I still understand why it had to end the way it did. On to the bigger releases today we have a King Arthur reboot called King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword and Snatched, a comedy starring Amy Schumer and veteran actress Goldie Hawn who play daughter and mother. Lots of different things to choose from this week, so what will you buy, rent or skip? Let us know in the comment section. Until next week! 

Teen Wolf: Amazon - $19.99

When high school nerd Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) learns from his father, Harold (James Hampton), that being a werewolf runs in the family, he decides to take advantage of his freakish trait. With his newfound strength and agility, Scott quickly becomes the hero of his school's basketball team while winning over longtime crush Pamela Wells (Lorie Griffin). As he grows more popular, Scott worries he is being celebrated as a novelty rather than for who he is.

Teen Wolf (Blu-ray) 

Teen Wolf Too: Amazon - $19.99

Although awkward college student Todd Howard (Jason Bateman) is particularly adept at science, he's paying for school with an athletic scholarship that he will lose should he not fare well in an upcoming boxing tournament. Luckily for Todd, he has inherited the same family curse that once turned his cousin into a werewolf. As he transforms into the hairy, fanged, howling monster, he finds both his physical agility and his popularity skyrocketing -- but at what cost?

Teen Wolf Too (Blu-ray)   

The Dinner: Amazon - $15.99

As two couples dine at an upscale restaurant, their polite discourse disguises the fact that they are struggling with weighty family issues.

The Dinner (Blu-ray) 

King Arthur: Amazon - $24.99
4K: Amazon - $29.99

After the murder of his father, young Arthur's power-hungry uncle Vortigern seizes control of the crown. Robbed of his birthright, he grows up the hard way in the back alleys of the city, not knowing who he truly is. When fate leads him to pull the Excalibur sword from stone, Arthur embraces his true destiny to become a legendary fighter and leader.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Blu-ray) 

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 4K (Blu-ray) 

Snatched: Best Buy - $19.99
4K: Best Buy - $24.99

Dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her cautious mother, Linda, to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda must soon work through their differences to escape from a wildly outrageous and dangerous jungle adventure.

Snatched (Blu-ray) 

Snatched 4K (Blu-ray) 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul: Amazon - $19.99

Young Greg Heffley is looking forward to a long summer of just hanging out, but his mother throws a monkey wrench into his plans when she forces the entire family to take a road trip for a relative's birthday celebration. His eyes soon light up after he realizes that the excursion is his ticket to a gaming convention to meet YouTube sensation Mac Digby. Greg's imagination then kicks into overdrive as he sneakily hatches a scheme to attend the expo and gain some much-deserved fame.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Blu-ray) 

Night of the Sorcerers/The Loreley's Gasp: Amazon - $19.99

The Night of the Sorcerers:A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground, capture the women, whip them and slice their heads off on an altar. The women return as vampires who look for more women to kill. 
The Loreley's Gasp: Loreley lives for centuries beneath the river Rhein and hunts humans during the full moon. When several girls from a boarding school are killed, a hunter (Tony Kendall) is hired to kill the monster.

The Night of the Sorcerers / The Loreley's Grasp (Blu-ray) 
Fargo (Steelbook): Amazon - $13.99

"Fargo" is a reality-based crime drama set in Minnesota in 1987. Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) is a car salesman in Minneapolis who has gotten himself into debt and is so desperate for money that he hires two thugs (Steve Buscemi), (Peter Stormare) to kidnap his own wife. Jerry will collect the ransom from her wealthy father (Harve Presnell), paying the thugs a small portion and keeping the rest to satisfy his debts. The scheme collapses when the thugs shoot a state trooper.

Fargo (Blu-ray) 

Among Us: Amazon - $19.99

After the mysterious death of their young son, a couple desperately flees to a remote lake house to escape the unrelenting haunting following them only to discover the mysterious entity is still very much a part of their lives.

Among Us (Blu-ray) 

 - The Impostor

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