Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Overlook Hour Episode 25: Rings, Dark Night

2017 has already been an eventful year for film, and this week The Overlook Hour hosts reflect on a couple of the latest titles to grace the bay area big screens. The trailers for these films are about two times as long as they should be, but they are attached for the curious.

We caught Rings during the early release Thursday night, and reviewed it a couple days later.
Check out our review here.

Dark Night has only played in one theatre in the bay area so far, the Alamo Drafthouse. After seeing the trailer so many times, the Overlook creatures couldn't resist seeing it on a rainy Friday night. 

Elle probably has one of the most misleading movie posters I've seen in years, but the film does not string you along past the opening credits. You may still be able to catch this new Paul Verhoeven film in a Landmark Theatre near you.



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