Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Treasures From the ComiCombs Issue #45: X-Files Origins, Black Science, The Unworthy Thor

Welcome back! It’s been quite a year for comic releases and after a bit of a break we’re back with more great books for you to check out this week. Before we get started I wanted to let you know what’s in store for this month. As the year comes to a close, the creatures at the Overlook work hard to come up with our top lists and in the coming weeks I will have some pretty cool tops for you all to check out. What exactly will I have, you ask? I’ll be bringing you tops in three categories; top writer, book and publisher. This year has had a lot of ups and downs, and several great books so be sure to check back throughout December to see what made the cut. The year isn’t over yet and there are still quite a few worthy books to pick up this week so read on to see what they are!

Batman #12 (DC)

Scott Snyder had an amazing run on this title that wrapped up this year as DC launched a staggering amount of great Rebirth titles. With Rebirth came an all new creative team and a bi-monthly Bat book, along with some skepticism on how the new book would turn out with this new format. Tom King squashed all concerns and has taken our favorite crime fighter and continued his story with more well written adventures. The last issue left us with our jaws on the floor so be sure to grab this book!

X-Files Origins (IDW)

If you didn’t get enough of an X-Files fix this year be sure to pick this up! IDW brings us the final issue of the X-Files Origins miniseries. And let’s all keep our fingers crossed for another X-Files Christmas special!

Black Science #26 (Image)

If you just can’t wait to get a peek at what’s going to be on the top lists, here’s your chance. Black Science has had an amazing run this year and I would expect nothing less from writer Rick Remender. Remender has brought us more than a few well written books this year and this one in particular is elevated by a stellar art team in the form of Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio. This is the start of an all new story arc so don’t be afraid to pick this one up!

Nova #1 (Marvel)

The previous Nova book wasn’t for everyone (especially me) but I’m pretty excited for this. Richard Ryder, the original Nova returns for this new series, or does he? Marvel better not drop the ball with this series as Ryder's absence left a pretty big hole that needed filling and one that the current Nova, Sam Alexander has not been able to fill. 

The Unworthy Thor #2 (Marvel)

Marvel has had a very mediocre year when compared to its rival publishers. For all the things Marvel has done wrong this year, this book is a step in the right direction. Thor, not Jane Foster but THE Thor returns, unworthy but still a return that is welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately this is #2 in a 4 issue mini-series but I have faith in Jason Aaron and his plans for Thor. Pick this up; issue #1 recaptured all that we loved about pre Secret Wars Thor.

Ninjak #22 (Valiant)

With the end of a stellar 50 issue run of X-O Manowar this year, Valiant had a big hole to fill in its roster. Fortunately for us, Valiant didn’t have to reach very far as Matt Kindt continues a phenomenal run on Ninjak. Valiant had a pretty amazing year and it’s no wonder with the amount of top tier talent they have backing their titles. Don’t miss out on this book, there’s something for everyone here and I mean that, cat lovers included….



That does it for this week. The year is winding down but there are still a ton of great books to pick up so make sure to grab a few of these at your local shop. Make sure to check back in throughout this month for the Treasures of the Comicombs top lists. 
Until Next week!

-The Creature of the ComiCombs

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