Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Treasures from the ComiCombs #47: Top 5 Comics of 2016

There are so many great stories being told through the comic book medium and some of the best art around can be found within those pages. Trying to keep up with so many good books can be tough and walking into your local comic shop can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. If you’ve felt or currently feel that way I’ve done you a solid and compiled some of the best books of 2016 so you can walk into that comic shop with confidence! Each of the books I have added on this list must have completed at least one story arc this year. Unfortunately there were a few that didn’t make the cut. So what made the list?

The Vision (Marvel)

This was truly a surprising title. When one thinks of Marvel, The Vision isn’t the first character that comes to mind. Tom King has written a great story that should not be missed. Marvel has had a year full of books that haven’t been able to recapture the magic of 2015. Only a handful of books from Marvel shine and The Vision definitely shines the brightest.

Bloodshot Reborn (Valiant)

In 2014, Jeff Lemire co wrote The Valiant with Matt Kindt. The normal Bloodshot title was replaced with Bloodshot Reborn by Jeff Lemire, Mico Suayan and David Baron. This book has had an incredible run. The current story arc, Bloodshot U.S.A. is a clever take on a zombie infestation while the previous arc was very Predator-esque. This title has seen a few changes in the art team but has remained consistent and delivered some amazing panels. 

Outcast (Image)

If you have been reading Treasures from the Comicombs throughout the year, then this book comes as no surprise. I have been shoving it down your throats all year long and with good reason. Outcast has been amazing from the start. Robert Kirkman has written such a good story with excellent pacing. Paul Azaceta does a great job with the art in this book and it has been a treat to see his panels translated to TV. It has been a very emotional journey for Kyle and the reverend. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for this book.

Britannia (Valiant)

This book just made the cut as we saw the conclusion to this title just a week ago. Valiant has been doing some great things and the addition of this mini-series to their lineup was a welcome surprise. This book takes place in 65 A.D. at the height of Nero’s reign. Peter Milligan tells us the story of Antonius Axia as he is sent to Britannia to investigate an unnatural occurrence. The art in this book is fantastic. Juan Jose Ryp knows how to draw brutal action scenes and elevated to levels rarely seen by Jordie Bellaire’s colors.

Black Science (Image)

Rick Remender had some great ongoing books this year and Black Science is on the top of an impressive list. Matteo Scalera is an amazing artist and this truly is a great example of a creator owned book at its finest. With the release of volume five, there is a lot to get through if you haven’t picked it up, but once you get through the first volume you will most definitely want more. The Godworld story arc was one of my favorite arcs written this year and an amazing bridge to volume five. Do not miss out on this book.

Kill or be Killed (Image)

Ed Brubaker is known mostly for his crime fiction books and had a lot of great titles written for Marvel. Brubaker is a master of his craft and combined with the art of Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser, this is a dream team. The three most recently collaborated on the Fade Out and with Kill or be Killed they have brought us something fresh. Kill or be Killed just wrapped up the first volume and it was very good. This book has great writing and great art that work hand in hand to create a gem. Kill or be killed also contains some of the best back pages of any book. It is yet to be seen however if these extras will be translated over into volume one so I recommend picking up the single issues if you can. This book sells out at the distributor level with every issue but if you aren’t a nerd like me and don’t mind not having the first editions; each issue has had multiple printings.


That wraps it up for this week. So many great books have been released this year with Kill or be Killed coming out on top. If you have been holding off for the trades, now is the time! If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the comic lover in your life these all make amazing gifts. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and make sure to come back next week as I’ll be wrapping up this year with the top publishers!

-Creature of the ComiCombs

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