Saturday, March 19, 2016

Creepy PastaMania!

Hello, Pasta fans! It looks like a bright Saturday outside but before you venture out into the weekend, take a moment to indulge in some Creepy Pasta.


The Shadows

Author: ?

Genre: Beings & Entities

Reading Time: 10 minutes, 3 seconds

Synopsis: Why is Alice so afraid of the dark?

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

I'm still fairly new to the Creepy Pasta word, so I don't have any likes/dislikes already established. I picked this story because it was the most recently posted one on My first impression after reading it was that it was a bit too long for what it ended up being, which felt like a Goosebumps episode. That being said, there is a very worth while monster terrorizing this protagonist. The words used to describe him and his actions are all awful and imposing, and they paint a pretty vivid image in your mind. 
One of the comments left about this story was that it was not as scary after the climax but that the despair kept the story going, which I disagreed with at first, but then reread the end and I at least agree that choosing to continue the story where it typically would have ended (especially if it was a movie) changes what we are left with after reading. We don't really have to wonder what happened to the marked girl, so it feels like a very solid ending that explains more than the rest of the story.


Love Letter

Author:  Kaitlyn 

Genre: Murders & Death

Reading Time: 4 minutes, 3 seconds

Synopsis: An unexpected letter

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

Being called "Love Letter" obviously does not let anyone's guard down when reading this story, in fact you might even guess where it's going from the title alone. That's why the comments saying that the narrative "gave it away" in the second paragraph seem unnecessary. This is a very well written, first person narrative that actually manages to get under my skin. There is an interesting point made in the comments about the assumption that the narrator is a male and the victim female, at least when it comes to the previous comments. (I actually had that same moment with The Shadow as well.) The story is credited to a feminist fashion blogger, and even after I saw her pastel pink site, I still thought of the narrator as male, maybe because I'm just projecting on it. Whoever they're writing to sounds like they're terrified that this person is even out there and I subconsciously decided that a guy would be too cocky to really be scared, but there's no for that to be true. The more I think about the possibilities of who is writing and who is reading, the more interesting this story becomes.


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