Saturday, March 12, 2016

Creepy PastaMania!

Hail mighty web surfers! It's a gloomy Saturday here in the bay area, which is the perfect time to stay indoors and enjoy some pasta! Now I must note that today will go a little differently. Instead of having eaten several pastas and selecting one to talk about I'll be consuming just 1 random pasta. This means no matter how long or short, bad or good I will eat it all and write something below. And thanks to for making this very easy by having a "Random Pasta" button!


Author: ???

Genre: Short Form Horror

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Synopsis: You ever get that feeling someone is standing behind while you're on the computer?


(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How Well Written)

I tend to agree with Ma Cherie, although I wouldn't express my thoughts as elegantly as she.
The sudden feeling that you're no longer alone sweeping over you while you enjoy some computer time is definitely unnerving. It's also something that 90% of people must have experienced, so why doesn't this story work?
Naming the story Hatman is my first issue. Why give it a name? The details about the cane and hat only distracted and alienated the audience. When dealing with a situation that everyone has been in, an author should try to hold on to that accessibility so their audience can fill in the blanks with their own experience, and in turn scare themselves.
Since I've created a format where I need to discuss even short, poorly written pastas I'll end on this note. Perhaps the shadow represents his father. The shadow now haunts our protagonist because he himself is ashamed of how his life has turned out. I mean he's a grown man seeking shelter in his bed but has some issues he needs to workout.

- Lord Battle

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