Sunday, February 28, 2016

Silver Scream: 1 Week Countdown

We are less than one week away from the Silver Scream Festival! Earlier this month, when I posted about some of the special guests that were going to be attending, a lot of the convention was still a mystery, since film submissions were just ending and the schedule was not yet organized. But now the mystery has been revealed and the screening/ signing/ panel schedules have all been posted. And I must say, this festival is turning out to be much cooler than I thought it would be; there is a great mixture of big names as well as some of the bay area's local celebrities coming together for a very eventful three days. 

In addition to looking for new talent, this festival is a tribute to the life and work of Wes Craven, whose passing was a huge loss to both the horror and film communities. That is why there will be screenings of both A Nightmare on Elm Street and Wes Craven's New Nightmare, with a Q&A in between the films on the very first day of the convention. And they will be followed up with a screening of I Am Nancy. If you can't make it out in time for those, there will be another screening of the two nightmares with a panel in between the following day, and another screening of I Am Nancy followed by a Q&A with Heather Langenkamp Sunday. And finally, there will be a free signing with Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp Saturday at noon, but it will only be 45 minutes long so you'll need to get in line early if you want to make it. 

To celebrate the 35th year anniversary of An American Werewolf in London, the star of the movie will be in attendance and will be doing a Q&A on both Friday and Saturday, after screenings of the movie. He'll also be signing autographs for two hours Saturday afternoon. 

Also scheduled for this weekend is a screening of Maniac Cop 2, followed by a Q&A with director William Lustig on Sunday. I had the pleasure of watching all three Maniac Cop movies a year or two ago, with a Q&A in between the first two movie, as part of a Midnites for Maniacs triple feature, and I know this man has some crazy stories about the whole experience, so this is something you will not want to miss. 

And like I mentioned, Silver Scream will also have some of the bay area's local celebrities in attendance. I'm talking about our very own late night horror hosts from Creepy Kofy Movie Time, led by the fearless Balrok DelCavo. Sadly, we missed these guys at East Bay Comic Con a couple weeks ago, but we will definitely see them here! 

This isn't even everything that will be happening this weekend, you can find the entire schedule at the Silver Scream site here. Times are scheduled to change too, so they recommend you check back often. 

Tickets for the Silver Scream are still on sale and the prices are not too bad, but if you act fast, you can get them at half the price if you head over to Goldstar. Passes for all three days are $35 and individual days are about the price of a movie ticket. Saturday or Sunday are only $15, and Saturday is $25. But supplies are limited, so the sooner you get these the better. 


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