Thursday, August 6, 2015

Scream Episode 6 "Betrayal"

Last week was a tough episode to top, but episode 6 was still great! Unfortunately, it didn’t give us too much to talk about. We’re sticking to our theory; it’s got to be Audrey and Mr. Branson. Both of these characters have been looked at pretty closely in the past two weeks (we got to see it all coming thanks to some overly revealing commercials…), but the suspicions they both invoked have since been explained for the most part, or just forgotten about in the chaos of everything else that’s going on.

Berkeley Blazer joined our screening this week and added a note that placed Noah under some scrutinization; when Emma picks up a long, suspicious knife in Audrey’s room, he stops her and says, “It’s Elvish,” to which our resident scholar commented, “Actually, it’s Elven. Elvish is technically the language.” Not that we needed any more reason to give the murder-obsessed tech-savvy nerd a second look, but this just added to his problems.

So in the episode called “Betrayal” most of the character personality changes that happened last week were still in play; Jake still sounds crazy every time he opens his mouth, Mr. Branson still slinks into rooms and sounds super creepy, Brooke’s dad is still capable of more than we realize. But there are some key points that keep us convinced that we are on the right track with our accusations. Let’s recap.

Mr. Branson played puppet master and paired everyone up for their scene project (which is a little weird to do in high school, now that I think about it). The partnerships put certain people in the perfect places to be picked off or at the very least put in the line of danger. On one of these instances, the knife was between Borrke and Riley, and Mr. Branson was the only one who could have known where Brooke was. There are also new reasons that people were too quick to forgive him for, such as the malware that was found on his computer that was blamed on Nina, who is dead and can’t defend herself. And his name changes, which were just forgotten once Mr. Branson turned the charm on Noah. And as for Audrey… she’s already been known to manipulate people, which she managed to do with Emma, whose reputation saved her from police suspicion. Her DNA was found on the inside of that Brandon James mask, and no one else’s. Were we supposed to forget? Or was it selective contamination?

During our second screening of the episode, we decided to get into the same spirit as the characters and pick our wild card suspects. Personally I could believe the argument for any of them! Lord Battle was first to proclaim that Noah was his suspect. There is a lot of high tech conspiracy in the air, and Noah was in the paper for his abilities in that exact field. He also developed that hacking app, which he only told Riley about. The Impostor was next to announce that Piper Shaw was much too shady. He actually started questioning her last week and never took his eye off of her. She follows sensational murder mysteries from town to town! Or do they follow her? And no one has really trusted her from the beginning. My wild card is one I have not put too much thought into before this week; Emma’s dad. After we found out that Emma’s mom and Brandon James were actually friends, and that she doesn’t believe that he really snapped, it became all too easy for me to imagine him as the jealous boyfriend, who wanted more than anything to get rid of the competition for his lady’s attention. He would know everything about her past and which buttons to press to get into her head.

After all this, we still had time to parooze some of the weirdest and creepiest videos on YouTube all relating to Scream.

They range in both categories. The first one kind of set the bar and none of the others could touch it, because both the interviewer and the interviewee were great and totally honest. Neve Campbell may not be in the tv series, but who could resist asking her about it?

Then we got sucked into watching some of the worst and most awkward interviews that I've ever seen immortalized to YouTube.

We just couldn't look away...

... like a  train wreck.

Then things got weird and this happened. The best thing about this video is the frame they chose to advertise it. That was the only reason we watched it.

We got curious about what other people were saying about the episode and series, but this was the only thing we could find. It really does leave something to be desired but there is a moment that makes the video almost worth it. Almost. 
But we all didn't end up finishing it. 

This one had something mildly disturbing about it...

... but this one definitely made off with the prize for most creepy. If you watch just one of these, watch this one. It has the makings of a found footage abduction movie. I don't want to give away too much, but notice that she never even glances at the cameraman. You'll find out why.

Till next week!

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