Thursday, August 13, 2015

Overlooked Bay Area Showtimes, A Change of Pace from Straight Outta Compton

Hey guys! We've gotten so preoccupied with Scream debates that we have not been letting you know about all the reasons to make it out to the theatres lately. I'll make up for that now! 

This tail end of summer seems to be filled with film festivals, themed around specific directors. One of these is Hardcore Cronenberg and is happening in downtown San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Theatre, a very small and intimate screening room, tucked away in the upstairs corner of the art center. This is the same theatre that hosted the first ever screening of Maniac Cop 3 in the city, which was shown after the first and second films with breaks between each for questions and stories from director, William Lustig; an amazing event Lord Battle, KillDozer, and I were lucky enough to attend. This time the theatre came back on our radar because of this great film festival dedicated to the appreciation of David Cronenberg. We have made several small group excursions to see Dead Ringers and The Brood already. Both were great! This weekend we will be heading back for the 2pm screening of Crash

The Stanford Theatre (home of some of the best theatre popcorn I've ever had), is also having a film fest, Kurosawa flavored. This weekend is a good double feature to check out too. It will be running Saturday through Tuesday: 

7:30 and 3:50 (Saturday and Sunday)

Throne of Blood
5:35 and 9:20
I love this poster so much :) It'll be my first time seeing the film.

There's a new theatre near the Stanford, just a block away in fact, that is showing two movies that I really want to see. It's called the Aquarius Theatre and it just re-opened. Let's give it a warm welcome! They're showing Best of Enemies and The Stanford Experiment, and both are great looking movies. Check their site for showtimes.

Hopefully you guys can make it out to some of these! Let's support our independent theatres!

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