Sunday, June 7, 2015

Overlooked Crowd Funding - WolfCop 2: Breed the Wolfpack!!

"It's going to be what T2 was for Terminator"

Well, we were promised a sequel and that promise is already on its way to being fulfilled! Within just a year of the first film's release, WolfCop 2 has been green lit, funded, and is already getting ready for production. This is a feat that most indie films only dream of accomplishing in such a short time frame, and WolfCop has had seemingly no trouble with it, which speaks volumes about this budding franchise.
You may remember the incredible response the Overlook reviewers had to WolfCop, which was posted not too long ago. Several of us are also eagerly awaiting our limited steelbook editions of the film (which are still available for preorder through, so we were all very excited to hear about this development. And I think all fans will be intrigued to hear about the twist that the WolfCop 2 Indiegogo campaign contains. 

"But wait, didn't you say the film was already funded?" you may be thinking. Yes, that was not mistake, but that's not what the campaign is trying to do. The whole purpose of this fund raiser is to involve us, the fans, in building this sequel up the way we would like to see it. There is a key aspect that the film makers are asking us to help decide: what flavor of star power should WolfCop 2 have? With every reward that you select from the crowd funding campaign, you will also receive 3 hero tickets, which you can use to vote for whoever you think should be in the film. And they really mean it when they say anyone, from your dad to Miley Cyrus. That's what they will be putting the campaign money towards - making our wishes come true. 

Campaign disclaimer or a hint?
This campaign is one of those fun ones, where there's no stress about the film not being made if enough money isn't raised. It's purely to add to how awesome the sequel will be. In this process, we are also given the opportunity to snag some WolfCop merchandise that we can proudly wear to show our support for the films. So let's take a look at some of our options..

  • $3 is a super cheap price to pay to get 3 hero tickets, usable any way you see fit. You can get your say in, be involved in the making of this film, but not spend a lot. And there's no limit on how many of these you could get...

Under $100:
  • $40 can get you one of only 50 Liquor Donuts shirts. Currently, 10 of them have already been claimed, in just 4 days, and they will not be making more. So act fast before they're gone. You'll also get 3 hero tickets with this reward.
  • $45 will get you and even more limited shirt of a new business that we will see in this sequel, Chicken Milker. Only 40 of them will be made and they'll only be available through this campaign. 
  • $100 and you won't have to decide! You can get the Liquor Donuts, Chicken Milker, and the even more limited Wolf Cop 2 logo shirts! 
Breaking the Piggy Bank:
  • $500 will get you a non-speaking role in WolfCop 2 and also the chance to experience getting made over into a yet to be determined creature in the film! Of course, getting to the shooting location and living arrangements will be up to you, but you are guaranteed to be part of the film once you're there. 
  • $3000 will get you the logical next step: you get to be killed on screen by one of countless brutal but epic methods. And only 5 lucky people will have this opportunity. 
Like I mentioned, every reward also comes with 3 hero tickets, which you can submit via a link that will be emailed to you 48 hours after you pay for your reward. And when you make your choices public on the various social media, make sure to link it to @WOLFCOPthemovie and #WolfCop2Hero.
As with most campaigns, there is one reward that is very cool or weird, but  usually incredibly unaffordable for the average person. We can dream of these..

Honorable Mentions:
For a whopping $10,000 you could be one of three people to be killed on screen by WolfCop himself. A very cool way to leave your mark on the film, and have its mark carved, punctured, or burned onto you. 

There are 31 days left to participate in this film's creation. You can find the campaign page at Indiegogo and see the other rewards that are still up for grabs. You can also see pictures of all the shirts I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, none of the perks come with a copy of the film itself, but I am confident that there is a very collectible release in our future. I can't wait to see some of the suggestions people make for this film! 


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