Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Much Needed Update!

This week has honestly been non-stop here at the Overlook Theatre. So much so that we haven't even had a chance to tell you about anything new since Bluray Tuesday. Well here's what we have been up to for the past couple of days, and we'll try to let you all know about some of these things earlier so you can possibly come out to some of these events in the future. 

We started the week off with a screening hosted by the Berkeley Blazer, at his monthly(ish) film club. This time around he screened Nightcrawler, which was followed by hours of debate between himself, Lord Battle, and Math Mage. I admit to interjecting, but nowhere near as much as the stubborn three. 

The next day we witnessed the attack of The Green Slime at The Balboa Theatre in San Francisco. I had hoped to see people dressed up in their space suits and my wish was granted. There only a couple of people who participated (sadly I was not one of them) but I was still satisfied. 
The hosts of the night asked a couple of trivia questions and handed out gift cards to local stores such as Lost Weekend Video, La Video, and the Balboa itself. They also gave a little background about the film, like that it was filmed in Japan, even though it stayed an American film. It just helped explain some of the weirdness in the story.

Our Thursday screening day was packed! We kicked the night off with a short that I personally loved, Predator: Dark Ages. It's a micro-budget short film and it's exactly what it sounds like. Which is so awesome I couldn't believe it hadn't been done sooner. The consensus was that this should be made into a full length feature, but I may be adding in my own opinion. 
Next up was a selection that the Math Mage insisted on, The Horror at Party Beach (MST3K version). There were a lot of groans going on during this one, but some people still enjoyed it. At least one person did... 
I'm kind of disappointed that I had to miss this one.

The night ended with a surprisingly well-received screening of Deathbed the Bed that Eats. I say surprising because Lord Battle expected people to hate this film. It's a 1970s cult horror movie which is also about exactly what it sounds like. But it goes to places you would not expect and does so in genius ways. 

And last night was the opening night of The Nightmare, a horror documentary about sleep paralysis, bought to us by Rodney Ascher, the director who did Room 237 (see this if you have not). He was at the Roxie Theatre in person for this opening night, and answered some questions about the process of making this film. It was an informative and creepy film, though it did have a couple of lulls. Still, for someone who has never experienced this condition, I could not imagine how the people who have don't just pound endless pots of coffee.

So as you can see we have been busy. But we're still always up for a good horror conversation on the various media you can find us on. You can follow the Overlook and its reviewers on instagram and twitter and feel free to say hi! 


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