Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Bodies Bodies Bodies: A New Reason to Fear House Parties in the Woods

 Those that know me know that I can be very vocal about my hatred toward the term "elevated genre". To me this the coward's way of saying "I like horror films". It is the "elevated genre" fan and their cowardice that has led me to a healthy distrust of all things A24, since this brand above all others seems to be the church of the "elevated genre" lover. With that being said I was obviously skeptical about A24 releasing what appeared to be a fun "teen slasher" type film complete with attractive young people somehow trapped in a house as one by one they are taken out by a mysterious villain. 

This film is Halina Reijn's "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies". At first glance this feels like a 90's nostalgia cash grab. From the storyline to its "floating head" style poster (think first Scream poster or new Scream poster as reference) it would be easy to dismiss this title with a "been there done that attitude". It was that exact feeling that sparked my interest. Why would a respectable brand like A24 put out such a film? A "horror" film if you will. Well I had to see for myself and I'm glad I did. 

The setting is familiar, the characters are familiar, the setup is familiar, and yet it feels new and refreshing, kind of like listening to a favorite record to remind yourself why you first fell in love with it in the first place and falling in love with it all over again. We know people will die, and they do in ways that keep you guessing so that's fun. We know there will be "funny" people thrown into the situation to help ease the tension, and there are but with a strong social commentary that has us all laughing at ourselves and our friends. We know the phones won't work and the car can't start but has this ever stopped us from jumping headfirst into a good time at the movies?!? The atmosphere created by the lighting of glow sticks or a single cell phone flashlight was extremely effective. I had way too much fun playing along with the "Clue" like game of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies and hearing theatre goers around me gasping at the shocks, jumping at the scares, laughing out loud, and bobbing their heads to the music. What I am trying to say is this is a good movie that deserves to be seen and worked well with an audience who was ready for a horror film. Get your friends together, buy some popcorn and hit the theatre for a film I'm sure will be more entertaining than the next Scream. Nostalgia isn't bad but the future is bright and full of talented individuals ready to bring you new stories and new reasons to fear house parties in the woods.


(The following are some of the negative comments that sparked interest in Bodies Bodies Bodies) 


  1. Thanks for posting the comments from the A24 fanatics. I LOVE how much hate the film got from the moment the poster was released. Its so intriguing to me that this is where some genre fans "draw the line" ha ha

  2. Nice post thank you Marelis