Thursday, September 2, 2021

Bluray Tuesday Goes to Vegas!


We have an announcement to make: Bluray Tuesday has a new home! No, it's not Vegas, that heat is not something that fog lovers like the Overlook family can just jump into 😅 No, our big move is to YouTube

This particular episode was filmed on a phone in a hotel room, which isn't usually the case, and Terrell mentioned a couple of things I wanted to share the links to!

The Saw Escape Room

This is a terrifying six room escape experience that had me too frozen to touch anything! Each room is filled with amazing detail and disgusting effects, it felt like we were walking through a haunt but had a bit more time to take in the settings.

Tickets are available directly through their site at but if you get them through Groupon, you will also get a commemorative Saw coin if you make it out.

And heads up, the creators of this escape room are also the ones putting on Escape Blair Witch, which we're seriously talking about going back for! Unfortunately, it was starting up the day after we were leaving Vegas. 

Tickets for this are also on Groupon and directly through their site. And from what we heard, it's going to be even scarier!


Enjoy episode five of Bluray Tuesday below! And you can find the rest of the episodes here!


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