Monday, July 27, 2020

Horror Games in ISOLATION #1: Observer, Stifled, Little Nightmares, Dead Space

For years, people have been telling us we should incorporate horror games in the Overlook in some capacity, and the day has finally arrived that we take that suggestion. Lord Battle and I (Huntress) have teamed up with the Barely Functional Gamers duo (Panda Dojo and Eddie the Gamer Ghoul) to develop ISOLATION, the goal of which is to turn the experience of solo horror games into a community one. Unsuspecting victims will be lead to the confines of isolation to play a horror game for our voyeuristic pleasure, as we sit back and watch them squirm. We can hear them but they can't hear a thing đŸ˜ˆ 

Our trial run is linked below, and you should definitely check out the games we tried out. Each one looked great and had at least one uniquely memorable quality. 

We're planning to do these every Thursday at 8pm PST. If you wanna watch it live and jump in the chat, you can check out BFG on Twitch.
But be prepared to stay up late. 

What would you do if your fears were hacked? >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear. Play as an Observer, the new front line of neural police, as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.

Stifled is a multi-award winning, Sound-based Stealth Thriller Mystery, where SOUND is the only way you SEE and the enemies HEAR your fear through your microphone input. Microphone input and VR Features are optional.

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal.

You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura. You're not a warrior. You're not a soldier. You are, however, the last line of defense for the remaining living crew.



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