Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Overlook Hour with Richard Perry (Base, A Night in the Woods)

This week the overlook hour was joined by Richard Perry, a filmmaker whose career started in the trenches. No joke - actual trenches, as a wartime videographer. Richard has a long list of interesting films because of this. But he also has several POV titles in the mix as well. 

A Night in the Woods (2011) has been among the Overlook collection for years now, and we’ve recommended it to several fans of found footage horror. It’s a good looking movie that Richard suspects was a little too close to The Blair Witch Project, which caused critics to trash it, and if that's true, it's a really weak way to dismiss a solid movie with some cool reveals. Also Richard was not aware that his film was in the dragged girl on the cover club.

Base (2017) was the actual impetus for tracking Richard down, because it terrified us in a way we were not prepared for...

Base follows the exploits of two friends who have a passion for base jumping and film many of their jumps. This movie also has reveals I won't go into, but rest assured that there is much more to this story. It was filmed on a handful of GoPros, so you get an inescapable first hand view of the nearly 20 jumps they recorded. If you have any kind of issues with heights you will definitely be confronting those! I highly recommend checking this one out. 


After these assignments, you'll be ready for episode 196 of the Overlook Hour!


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