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Digging Up The Dirt with KillDozer and A&P Productions, Slashorette Party

As a genre fan, one must give full credit when talented people create on screen magic with minimal resources. A&P Productions has been a buzz in the horror community since their Cinco De Mayo release. They have been giving audiences amazing examples of what can be accomplished with  passion, dedication, talent, and a shoe string budget. Their last film Streets of Vengeance left the horror community wanting more and A&P are ready to deliver with their newest labor of love Slashlorette Party. I had to dig up the dirt on how this bloody dream was going to become a reality. 

KIllDozer: I can't get over how excited I am for your new film but as a nerd I must ask, what came first the title or the concept for Slashorette Party?

Paul: Thanks! The concept came first and the title came shortly after during a car ride. Angie and I we were going through as many crazy title names as we could. I had originally titled it “The Bride Wore Red” but that seemed more like a Italian giallo movie. We wanted something more ridiculous!

Angie: Ridiculous is the perfect word! I don’t know how many times I rolled my eyes at the various options Paul rattled off. But Slashlorette Party made me laugh because it sounded like a actual crazy 80's horror movie.

KD: I love the way you bring your fan base in on each step of the casting process. What inspires you to bring everyone along with you on the film making process?

Angie: Filmmaking is both difficult and easy at the same time. I get asked all the time how we can make movie as regular people with full time jobs. Explaining it isn’t enough, I like to show people the process so they can see it’s possible for them to do it too.

Paul: Angie has really pushed this transperancy approach. I’m not really good at it, sometimes I forget to document all things we do! But it turns out it’s really helpful for others to see the steps we take to get a film made.

KD: What has the crowdfunding experience been like? Where can we go to support Slashorette Party?

Paul: The crowdfunding campaign for Slashlorette Party has been very successful! We have raised more money for this project than we did for Streets of Vengeance! Here’s the link to our indiegogo campaign!

Angie: I put a lot of thought into the perks, I really wanted to give as much as possible to show my appreciation for everyone’s support. So I went into this pretty optimistic but I’m still shocked by well it went!

KD: Why a slasher film? What do you think brings people back to slashers after all these years? 

Angie: I truly have no idea! I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies growing up so I don’t have an emotional or a nostalgic connection to them but they seem to make people happy! I do know that people have so much fun not only watching them, but also making them! When we first announced we were making a slasher movie we had so many people show support and excitement without even knowing the story first!

Paul: The imagery of a “slasher movie” is so strong that everyone immediately knows what you are talking about when you mention the genre. The genre just causes people to get excited! I grew up watching slashers and they had a huge impact on me. I always wanted to make one. In 2010, we made our first feature film, Cinco De Mayo, which is a holiday slasher film. But it was more of a revenge movie, similar to how Streets of Vengeance is a female revenge thriller. This time I wanted to make a true slasher, but of course in our own way. 

KD: Your other films have had a decent amount of social commentary. Can we expect the same from Slashorette Party? Do you think it's important to balance the  fun with a solid message?

Angie: Yes and yes! At this point I feel like that’s become our signature: genre movies with a underlying message. 

Paul: It’s very important to us that we have something to say with each film. For this one, the subtext is much more nuanced than the previous films, but it’s there. We talk to the lead actress, Molly Souza, about the subtext quite often, which I really enjoy.

KD: Are any of the characters in the film based on real people in your lives? Or are they based on slasher tropes? What is the hardest part when writing these characters?

Angie: Some characters are based on real people we know. That’s why our characters seem realistic and relatable to some people. Others exist purely for the kills! Haha

Paul: Yeah it’s definitely a mixture of real people and character archetypes. The hardest part about writing characters is finding their own unique sense of humor, finding their voice. So if you base characters off of real people you can tune into that voice much easier.

KD: Do you create the kills for your films during the script writing process? What can the audience expect in terms of gore with Slashorette Party?

Paul: Sometimes I write a detailed kill with camera moves and editing notes and then sometimes I just write something like “everyone in the room gets hacked up.” Which can be scary to read if you are the special effects person. But later on I’ll go in and work it out in full detail.

Angie: This is going to be our bloodiest and goriest film yet! Which is why we’ve teamed up with the Sacramento Film Armory for this one. We can’t call it Slashlorette without having a lot slashing going on!

KD: Can you tell us about the exciting premiere screening?! How can we can attend? 

Angie: The State Theater in Modesto CA has generously offered to host the premiere. We’ve always wanted to have a premiere there since it’s such a beautiful theater and in our home town. Most of the cast is local so it will be easier for their friends and family to attend. We are excited about being able to share this experience with our own community! 

Paul: The State Theater has thing called the Late Night Horror Series where they show a classic horror movie each month and our film is going to part of it! Once the film has been complete, we will set it up with the theater and post the premiere date all over the internet!

KD: When do you hope to complete the film? Will it go onto the film fest circuit once complete? Will you be touring with it?

Angie: We will most likely screen the film at a few different locations but we’re not really interested in the Film Festival route for this one. We prefer to focus on official distribution so people can rent and/or own it sooner than later.

Paul: I’ve haven’t had too much luck with film festivals in the past haha. I think we are just going to bypass all that and hold our own screenings around California! But if someone wants to have a screening in a different state we would love make it happen! The film should be complete early 2020!

KD: What can we expect in term of the sound track?

Paul: We will be working again with the amazing Vestron Vulture who composed the 80's synth soundtrack to our last film, Streets of Vengeance. We love working with him; even though we live in different countries we have a deep connection. We are also working with The Grind Theory, out of NYC, on a few tracks! He produced a track for us on SOV as well. We are excited to work with him again!

KD: What roles are both of you playing in this production? (Is it everything? ha ha)

Angie: Technically we both do everything but we do have our individual strengths. Paul is always more of the writer/director and I’m more of the producer. I focus most of my attention on the logistics (renting locations, selecting wardrobe, on set photography, scheduling, keeping track of finances etc.). Basically Paul creates a world with characters and I help him bring it to life. We both dream up a vision and style together and then tackle it together using our individual strengths.

Paul: I will be mainly directing, although sometimes I record the audio too! But our films are really made by both Angie and I, we make all the decisions together. That’s the secret behind our success. 

KD: Okay, now for some quick fun questions! What actresses would you invite to an actual Bachelorette party and what would the theme be?

Paul: I don’t know much about bachlorette parties but if I was gonna throw one I’d invite Ginger Lynn Allen, Linnea Quigley, and Felissa Rose! The theme would be murder, mayhem, the usual stuff. 

KD: I took my mom to a screening of Streets of Vengence, should I take her to see Slashorette Party as well? (Be honest ) 🙂

Angie: Slashlorette will probably be easier for a mom to get through considering it’s not about sex workers. Haha! For some reason people get uncomfortable with anything sexual but are completely okay with brutal murders, so she should be fine. 

Paul: If she was able to make it though SOV and all the blood and boobs, she can definitely make it through Slashlorette Party!

KD: What is your favorite slasher kill of all time?!?!

Paul: I would have to say Angie Dickinson Dressed to Kill or the guy in the wheelchair that gets the machete in the face and falls down the stairs in Friday the 13th part 2.

Angie: When the clown falls in the dunk tank and gets his arm bitten off by the cute little ghoulie in Ghoulies 2! I love when he pops out of the water and smiles!
(PS I’m still looking for an answer on why the ghoulie was wearing a shirt and suspenders on the cover of the vhs but it never shows up in actual film! If you figure it out please let me know!)


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