Sunday, April 7, 2019

PARSE, Darryl Blood's Second Release, Coming This Month!

The second release from composer Darryl Blood, PARSE is an elegant horror soundtrack without a film. Unlike John Carpenter's LOST THEMES, PARSE is comprised of collaborations and themes created for films that never happened. Steel drums softly playing in the rain conjure up visceral imagery of an Italian cannibal film that never was, and they're the backbone to track #4, "Rain Song". Rain Song is also a prime example of how Darryl Blood will start us somewhere familiar but have us pleasantly lost by the end. Life Cycle (featuring Gordon Withers) paints the picture of a faded 1970's title sequence projected on scratching 35mm. Exterior, a rural ancestral house, a tree swing dances in the wind. Interior, a tall individual in a black silk robe hovers over a crib... I'm positive that Darryl Blood never intended anything bad to happen to the child crying on Life Cycle, but that's just where my mind went.

PARSE will be available through Bandcamp on April 23rd.

Get a cassette tape copy of The Campus (recently retitled Deathday) soundtrack HERE.

"Deathday" coming out on DVD and Blu-ray MAY 2019

Get a digital copies of Darryl Blood's music (including Deathday) HERE.

TURKISH DELIGHT - "Tommy Bell" / "Howcha Magowcha" double-CD re-release out on
Reckless Yes

- Lord Battle

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