Monday, March 11, 2019

Screenings in the Bay (Monday 11th to Sunday 17th): Space Vampire Double Feature, Evil Dead 2, Strangers on a Train

First thing's first: you all need to see Gaspar Noe's Climax in a theatre while you still can! It's playing at the Alamo Drafthouse at least through Wednesday and it seriously belongs on a huge screen. Maybe try the sangria... 

The Super Shangri-La Show is back at the Balboa Theatre this week, presenting a Space Vampire double feature that starts at 7:30! The lineup includes Queen of Blood followed by Mario Bava's Planet of Vampires. That same Wednesday, Midnites for Maniacs founder, Jesse Hawthorne Ficks, will be introducing Wild Things at the Alamo Drafthouse. 

There are two sets of Hitchcock double features screening at the Stanford Theatre this week, and they're just the beginning! And on a side note, have you gotten your Us tickets yet..?

Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th (1hr 35min)
Drama/ Horror/ Music (IMDB)
From director Gaspar Noé (Irreversible; Enter the Void; Love) comes a hypnotic, hallucinatory, and ultimately hair-raising depiction of a party that descends into delirium over the course of one wintry night. In Climax, a troupe of young dancers gathers in a remote and empty school building to rehearse. Following an unforgettable opening performance lit by virtuoso cinematographer Benoît Debie (Spring Breakers; Enter the Void) and shot by Noé himself, the troupe begins an all-night celebration that turns nightmarish as the dancers discover they've been pounding cups of sangria laced with potent LSD. Tracking their journey from jubilation to chaos and full-fledged anarchy, Noé observes crushes, rivalries, and violence amid a collective psychedelic meltdown. Starring Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde) and a cast of professional dancers, Climax is Noé's most brazen and visionary statement yet.

Terror Tuesday

Tuesday 12th @ 10:15 pm (1hr 48min)
Action/ Crime/ Horror (IMDB)
In this action-horror flick from director Robert Rodriguez and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino, Tarantino stars with George Clooney as a pair of bad-to-the-bone brothers named Seth and Richie Gecko. After a string of robberies that left a river of blood in the Geckos' wake, the sadistic siblings head to Mexico to live the good life. To get over the border, they kidnap Jacob Fuller, a widowed preacher played by Harvey Keitel, and his two children, Kate (Juliette Lewis) and Scott (Ernest Liu). Once south of the border, the quintet park their RV at a rough-and-tumble trucker bar called The Titty Twister, where Seth and Richie are supposed to meet a local thug. After a couple of drinks, they realize that they're not in a typical bar, as the entire place begins to teem with vicious, blood-sucking vampires.

Weird Wednesday

Wednesday 13th @ 10:15pm (1hr 48min)
Crime/ Drama/ Myserty (IMDB)
Think of it as endless endings. John McNaughton's playful erotic thriller about a larcenous school teacher, a pair of greedy coeds, and the cop on their trail has as many twists as there are characters, but it's all in good fun.

Introduced by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks of Midnite for Maniacs!

Wednesday 13th @ 7:30pm (1hr 18min)
Horror/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
Shot on a miniscule $50,000 budget, and including footage from a 1959 Russian film that was later purchased by Roger Corman, this science fiction feature finds a tiny planet slowly dying. With the inhabitants in danger of perishing, some kind-hearted astronauts bring a green-blooded female alien back to Earth. The extraterrestrial shows her gratitude by going wild for human blood in the fashion of a blood-sucking vampire. John Saxon, Basil Rathbone and Dennis Hopper are some of the actors sentenced by their vindictive agents to appear in this 1966 film.


Wednesday 13th @ 9pm (1hr 28min)
Horror/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
In this spooky low-budget horror outing from Mario Bava, a team of rescuers head for Mars to find missing astronauts and instead find terrifying alien bloodsuckers looking to hitch a ride back Earth to indulge in a sanguineous smorgasbord. The film is also known as Demon Planet.

Midnight Madness

Friday 15th & Saturday 16th @ 11:55pm (1hr 24min)
Comedy/ Horror (IMDB)
This sequel is better, funnier, scarier and superior to the first indie gore-fest. Never before has there been such an originally funny and unique horror film that never for a moment takes itself seriously. Lots of fun!

The Lady Vanishes (1938)
Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th @ 7:30pm (1hr 37min)
Mystery/ Thriller (IMDB)
"On a train headed for England a group of travelers is delayed by an avalanche. Holed up in a hotel in a fictional European country, young Iris (Margaret Lockwood) befriends elderly Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty). When the train resumes, Iris suffers a bout of unconsciousness and wakes to find the old woman has disappeared. The other passengers ominously deny Miss Froy ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate with another traveler (Michael Redgrave) and, as the pair sleuth, romantic sparks fly."


Young and Innocent (1937)
Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th @ 5:55pm & 9:15pm
Crime/ Mystery/ Romance (IMDB)
In this Alfred Hitchcock film, Derrick De Marney finds himself in a difficult situation when he is wrongly accused of murder. While a fugitive from the law, De Marney is helped by heroine Nova Pilbeam. The actual villain, whose identity is never in doubt, is George Curzon.

Shadow of a Doubt (1943)
Friday 15th @ 7:30pm (1hr 48min)
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th @ 3:35pm & 7:30pm
Drama/ Thriller (Google)
"Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) visits his relatives in Santa Rosa. He is a very charming man, but his niece slowly realizes that he is wanted for murder and he soon recognizes her suspicions. Although one of the suspected murderers is killed and the case is considered closed, she still has her suspicions.


Strangers on a Train (1951)
Friday 11th to Sunday 13th @ 5:35pm & 9:25pm (1hr 43min)
Crime/ Noir/ Thriller (IMDB)
In one of Alfred Hitchcock's suspense classics, tennis pro Guy Haines (Farley Granger) chances to meet wealthy wastrel Bruno Anthony (Robert Walker) on a train. Having read all about Guy, Bruno is aware that the tennis player is trapped in an unhappy marriage to to wife Miriam (Laura Elliott) and has been seen in the company of senator's daughter Ann Morton (Ruth Roman). Baiting Guy, Bruno reveals that he feels trapped by his hated father (Jonathan Hale). As Guy listens with detached amusement, Bruno discusses the theory of "exchange murders." Suppose that Bruno were to murder Guy's wife, and Guy in exchange were to kill Bruno's father? With no known link between the two men, the police would be none the wiser, would they? When he reaches his destination, Guy bids goodbye to Bruno, thinking nothing more of the affable but rather curious young man's homicidal theories. And then, Guy's wife turns up strangled to death.


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