Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bluray Tuesday Featuring: Pyewacket, Revenge & Wildling

August 7th 2018

The first Bluray Tuesday of a new month is here and August is starting off with a bang! Today brings us a huge list of new films and re releases. Scream Factory starts it off with Pyewacket, Wildling and a collector's edition of Someone's Watching Me. All three of these releases are definite pickups for me. Wildling and Pyewacket are some recent films that I thoroughly enjoyed and am looking forward to the bonus features. Universal Pictures releases Revenge today. This film had me on the edge of my seat! It's another highlight of 2018, I'd recommend it. Severin releases The Changeling today for the first time on Bluray with new scan and bonus features. DC releases their next animated feature, The Death of Superman, and Target will carry an exclusive Steelbook for it's release. For the first time on 4K just in time for the new film is the Predator series. The original Predator will also have a standalone 4K release and an exclusive steelbook. Rounding out the week is thriller Breaking In, comedy Life of the Party, and the second season of mystery series Riverdale. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

Pyewacket: Amazon - $16.99

A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.

Pyewacket (Blu-ray) 

Revenge: Amazon - $16.99

Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men.

Revenge (Blu-ray) 

Wildling: Amazon - $19.99

Anna spends her entire childhood in a single room under the care of a mysterious man she only knows as Daddy. He makes her fear the 'Outside' by telling her of the Wildling, a creature with sharp teeth and claws who roams about eating little children. At age 16, Anna is freed by small-town sheriff Ellen Cooper, but her greatest ordeal is yet to come.

Wildling (Blu-ray) 

Someone's Watching Me: Amazon - $22.99

Lauren Hutton stars as stylish career girl Leigh Michaels, who lives in an ultra-modern, glassed-in high rise apartment. Leigh's relatively tranquil existence is shattered when she begins receiving disturbing phone calls -- and ostentatious gifts -- from a man living in the high-rise next to hers. Despite the increasingly threatening tone of her mystery caller, Leigh is unable to get any help from the police, simply because there's no real evidence that she's in danger.

Someone's Watching Me! (Blu-ray) 

The Changeling: Amazon - $24.99

A man staying at a old mansion which has been unoccupied for years finds himself disturbed by a strange presence which haunts the house.

The Changeling (Blu-ray) 

Predator 4K: Amazon - $29.99
Trilogy 4K: Amazon - $47.99
Steelbook: Amazon - $19.99

In the remote jungle of a Central American country, an elite group of commandos led by Major Dutch Schaeffer, embarks on a CIA mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages. However, the hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent, otherwordly being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutch's team. Possessing a chameleonlike camouflaging ability and a deadly alien arsenal, the creature tracks down the soldiers one by one.

Predator 4K (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Predator: 3-Movie Collection 4K (Blu-ray) 

Predator (Blu-ray) 

The Death of Superman: Amazon - $17.99
4K:Amazon - $27.99

Superman and the rest of the Justice League unite to battle a hulking monster named Doomsday -- but it's ultimately up to the Man of Steel to save the day as the two titans square off in the heart of Metropolis.

The Death of Superman (Blu-ray) 

The Death of Superman 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Target - $19.99
4K Steelbook: Target - $29.99

The Death of Superman 4K (Blu-ray) 

Desecration: Amazon - $22.99

Sixteen year-old Bobby is emotionally damaged by his mother's early death. He accidentally causes a nun's death, unleashing a chain of supernatural events that lead him into the pits of Hell.
Desecration (Blu-ray) 

Lowlife: Amazon - $17.99

The sordid lives of an addict, an ex-con, and a luchador collide when an organ harvesting caper goes very, very wrong.
 Lowlife (Blu-ray) 

Marrowbone: Amazon - $22.99
4K: Amazon - $26.99

A young man and his three younger siblings, who have kept secret the death of their beloved mother in order to remain together, are plagued by a sinister presence in the sprawling manor in which they live.
Marrowbone (Blu-ray) 

Marrowbone 4K (Blu-ray) 

Breaking In: Amazon - $19.99

Shaun Russell takes her son and daughter on a weekend getaway to her late father's secluded, high-tech vacation home in the countryside. The family soon gets an unwelcome surprise when four men break into the house to find hidden money. After managing to escape, Shaun must now figure out a way to turn the tables on the desperate thieves and save her captive children. 

Breaking In (Blu-ray) 

Flora: Amazon - $15.99

In 1929, an expedition of university botanists enter an uncharted forest where they discover, and must escape an ancient organism.

Flora (Blu-ray) 

On Chesil Beach: Amazon - $26.99

Based on Ian McEwan's novel. In England in 1962, a young couple finds their idyllic romance colliding with issues of sexual freedom and societal pressure, leading to an awkward and fateful wedding night.

On Chesil Beach (Blu-ray) 

Dead Shack: Amazon - $22.99

While staying at a run-down cabin in the woods during the weekend, three children must save their parents from the neighbor who intends to feed them to her un-dead family.
Dead Shack (Blu-ray) 

 Aardvark: Amazon - $16.99 

Emily Milburton is a therapist who is struggling with personal problems. Things change when she meets her new patient, Josh Norman, who is mentally ill. Josh starts to develop feelings for Emily but things get interesting when Emily falls for Josh's brother, Craig.

Aardvark (Blu-ray) 

Gehenna: Amazon - $17.99

A group visits Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot, they discover a hidden bunker on the property which they decide to explore. However, they soon find out that curiosity can kill.

Gehenna: Where Death Lives (Blu-ray) 

Life of the Party: Amazon - $22.99

When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime dedicated housewife Deanna turns regret into re-set by going back to college - landing in the same class and school as her daughter, who's not entirely sold on the idea. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the increasingly outspoken Deanna -- now Dee Rock -- embraces freedom, fun, and frat boys on her own terms, finding her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.

Life of the Party (Blu-ray) 

Riverdale (Season 2): Amazon - $41.99

As we enter Season Two, the shooting at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe plunges the small town into utter darkness and paranoia. Archie rounds up a vigilante group to try to protect his beloved home. Jughead Jones transfers to Southside High and tangles with the Serpents. Betty Cooper copes with a long-lost relative while being terrorized by a mysterious caller. Veronica Lodge makes nice with her parents, Hiram and Hermione, as they develop their secret plans. The Northside feuds with the Southside, while the popular new drug, Jingle Jangle, turns teens into monsters.

Riverdale: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray) 

- The Impostor 

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