Friday, July 13, 2018

Screenings in the Bay (Friday to Sunday): Song of Solomon, The Devil's Doorway, Santo vs. the Evil Brain


It's like the unofficial non-Halloween horror celebration where everyone dawns their Jason Voorhees shirts and smiles. It's also the day that Song of Solomon enjoys its L.A. premiere at the Downtown Independent! Get the necessary details on the event page on Facebook.

But if you're bound to the Northern bay area for the weekend, there are still several titles of note that you should check out. the Castro Theatre will be presenting a creepy kids double feature tonight, and following it up with a fantasy duo on Sunday. The New Parkway is showing one of the better Friday the 13th's, the Final Chapter, and the Roxie teamed up with CineMas to present Santo vs. the Evil Brain, with a special guest, this Saturday!

And if you're in a shut in kind of mood, there are a couple of titles on VOD that are not to be missed! 

Creepy Kids Double Feature

The Bad Seed (1956)
Friday 13th @ 7pm (2hrs 9min)
Crime/ Drama/ Horror (IMDB)
Young Patty McCormack received an Oscar nomination for her performance as a murderous child in this chilling dramatic horror classic. Shocking at the time of its release in 1956, The Bad Seed remains unsettling to this day as a single mother discovers that within her seemingly angelic daughter beats the heart of a cold-blooded serial murderer.


The Omen (1976)
Friday 13th @ 9:20pm (1hr 51min)
Horror (IMDB)
The young son of an American diplomat and his wife, living in London, turns out to be marked with the sign of Satan, the infamous "666". It soon becomes apparent that he could be the Anti-Christ incarnate and possesses the evil powers to stop anyone who stands in his way.

Double Feature

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
Sunday 15th @ 1:30pm (2hrs 7min)
Adventure/ Drama/ Family (IMDB)
This 1954 Disney version of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea represented the studio's costliest and most elaborate American-filmed effort to date. Kirk Douglas plays a trouble-shooting 19th century seaman, trying to discover why so many whaling ships have been disappearing of late. Teaming with scientist Paul Lukas and diver Peter Lorre, Douglas sets sail to investigate--and is promptly captured by the megalomaniac Captain Nemo (James Mason), who skippers a lavish, scientifically advanced submarine. The film's special effects, including a giant squid, were impressive enough in 1954 to win an Academy Award.


Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
Sunday 15th @ 3:50pm (1hr 44min)
Adventure/ Family/ Fantasy (IMDB)
The legendary Greek hero leads a team of intrepid adventurers in a perilous quest for the legendary Golden Fleece. Jason has been prophesied to take the throne of Thessaly. When he saves Pelias from drowning, but does not recognize him as the man who had earlier killed his father, Pelias tells Jason to travel to Colchis to find the Golden Fleece. Jason follows his advice and assembles a sailing crew of the finest men in Greece, including Hercules. They are under the protection of Hera, queen of the gods. Their voyage is replete with battles against harpies, a giant bronze Talos, a hydra, and an animated skeleton army.

Friday 13th @ 10pm (1hr 31min)
Slasher/ Thriller (Google)
A carefree lakeside vacation is interrupted by the re-emergence of killer Jason Voorhees (Ted White). After he escapes from a morgue, leaving bodies in his wake, Jason travels to Camp Crystal Lake where a group of friends is staying. The teens meet some locals: Tommy (Corey Feldman) and Trish (Kimberly Beck), as well as secretive hiker Rob (Erich Anderson). As the group of teenagers engages in drunken debauchery, their numbers begin to dwindle, and pieces of the past resurface.

Saturday 14th @ 7pm (1hr 10min)
Adventure/ Action/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
This Cuban-Mexican co-production marked the feature-film debut of the beloved masked wrestler Santo (Rodolfo Guzman Huerta), who would continue to battle monsters, aliens, and evildoers of all stripes in dozens of films over more than two decades. Here, Santo and El Incognito (co-writer Fernando Oses) foil the plot of a mad scientist to create a zombie army by zapping his innocent victims with electric shocks. Joaquin Cordero and Norma Suarez got top billing in this film co-written by wrestler Enrique J. Zambrano, who also directed the fight sequences and plays a small role. Santo returned in the same year's Santo contra Hombres Infernales.

Filmmaker/archivist, and granddaughter of the film’s producer Jorge Garcia Besné, Viviana Garcia Besné IN PERSON for post-screening Q&A to discuss her journey to restore the film, moderated by Peter Conheim/Cinema Preservation Alliance.


Limited Theatres/VOD Friday 13th (1hr 16min)
Horror (IMDB)
In the fall of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for 'fallen women', only to uncover something much more horrific.

Limited Theatres/VOD Friday 13th (1hr 33min)
Art House/ International/ Drama/ Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
After waking up in an apartment the night after a raging party, Sam comes face to face with his new reality: an army of zombies have invaded the streets of Paris and he is one of the lone survivors. Petrified with fear, he barricades himself inside the building to survive. He wonders how long can he last in silence and solitude, and the answer comes when he learns that he's not all alone after all.


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