Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bluray Tuesday Featuring: The Endless, The Addiction & The Curse of The Cat People

June 26th 2018

This year is flying by, it's already the last Bluray Tuesday of June. This week is filed with indie releases both new and old. From Well Go USA is The Endless from directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead who also directed Resolution, Spring and the best short in VHS 3, Bonestorm. The duo were also the guests on last week's episode of the Overlook Hour, which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcast updates. Arrow Video releases 90's Vampire film The Addiction for the first time on Bluray and I look forward to revisiting this one soon. Scream Factory releases 40's horror film The Curse of The Cat People also the first time on Bluray. The premise sounds interesting on this one. Criterion Collection titles released this week are Female Trouble & The Virgin Spring both with new scans and bonus material. Continuing with the first time on Bluray is Blood Theatre from Vinegar Syndrome and this film looks right up my alley so I'm definitely going to pick this one up. Rounding out the week is Escape Plan 2, a sequel I didn't even know was being made, Russian thriller The Return and Tyler Perry thriller Acrimony. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

The Endless: Amazon - $17.99

Two brothers return to the cult they fled from years ago to discover that the group's beliefs may be more sane than they once thought.

The Endless (Blu-ray) 

The Addiction: Amazon - $25.99

Kathleen Conklin was just a New York philosophy grad student attending college. While walking home one night she is dragged off the street and bitten by a strange woman. Soon Kathleen goes from being a normal student to being a vampire. Kathleen's need for blood is similar to a drug addict's need for drugs, and we watch as she goes from one fix to the next.

The Addiction (Blu-ray)  

The Curse of the Cat People: Amazon - $22.99

The young, friendless daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed befriends her father's dead first wife and an aging, reclusive actress.

The Curse of the Cat People (Blu-ray) 

Female Trouble: Amazon - $25.99

A spoiled schoolgirl runs away from home, gets pregnant while hitch-hiking, and ends up as a fashion model for a pair of beauticians who like to photograph women committing crimes.

Female Trouble (Blu-ray) 

Terminal: Amazon - $19.99

Two hitmen agree to take on a high risk mission for a mysterious employer and a large paycheck. Along the way they encounter a woman who may be more involved in their mission than they had realized.
Terminal (Blu-ray) 

Gemini: Amazon - $22.99

A heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant and her Hollywood starlet boss. As the assistant unravels the mystery, she must confront her own understanding of friendship, truth, and celebrity.

Gemini (Blu-ray) 

The Virgin Spring: Amazon - $25.99

After brutally attacking a young woman, a group of men unknowing seek food and shelter from her parents, setting the stage for revenge.
The Virgin Spring (Blu-ray) 

Blood Theatre: Amazon - $20.00

An old movie house with a bloody past reopens causing history to repeat itself.

Blood Theatre/The Visitants (Blu-ray) 

Acrimony: Amazon - $19.99

A faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson) tired of standing by her devious husband (Lyriq Bent) is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.

Acrimony (Blu-ray) 

The Return: Amazon - $18.99

In the remote Russian wilderness, two brothers face a range of new, conflicting emotions when their father--a man they only know through a single photograph--resurfaces.

The Return (Blu-ray) 

German Angst: Amazon - $9.99

Three German tales of love, sex and death in Berlin.

German Angst (Blu-ray) 

Escape Plan 2: Amazon - $14.99

Sequel to the 2013 film that featured a security expert named Ray Breslin, who used his skills to test out the reliability of maximum security prisons.

Escape Plan 2: Hades (Blu-ray) 

-The Impostor 

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