Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bluray Tuesday: Featuring Insidious: The Last Key, A Study In Terror and Father Figures

April 3rd 2018

It's that time of week again! I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend and you're all ready for some new movies. April starts off with a light release week but some interesting titles. The fourth in the Insidious film series, Insidious: The Last Key hits shelves today. If you missed our review you can check it out here. Next up is 60's Mystery, A Study in Terror for the first time released on Bluray. Kino Lorber releases indie film Like Me, a crime drama about a girl committing crime that's broadcasted on social media. Like Me is one I'm looking forward to seeing soon. It fits nicely on the growing list of social media crime stories. Severin releases Sinfonia Erotica & The Sadist of Notre Dame for the first time on Bluray. Both these titles sound interesting and may check out in the near future as well. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

Insidious: The Last Key: Amazon - $19.99

Brilliant parapsychologist Elise Rainier receives a disturbing phone call from a man who claims that his house is haunted. Even more disturbing is the address -- 413 Apple Tree Lane in Five Keys, N.M. -- the home where Elise grew up as a child. Accompanied by her two investigative partners, Rainier travels to Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear -- the demon that she accidentally set free years earlier.

Insidious: The Last Key (Blu-ray) 

Like Me: Amazon - $22.99

A reckless loner, desperate for human connection, sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media. Her reality quickly splinters into a surreal nightmare as her exploits spiral out of control.

Like Me (Blu-ray) 

A Study in Terror: Amazon - $11.99

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson join the hunt for the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

A Study in Terror (Blu-ray) 

Beast of Burden: Amazon - $12.99

Pilot Sean Haggerty must deliver cocaine across the US-Mexico border for his final run as a drug smuggler. Alone in a small plane, he is faced with the burden of choosing between his allegiance to the Cartel, his deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration and saving his increasingly tense relationship with his wife, eagerly awaiting his return.

Beast of Burden (Blu-ray) 

Sinfonia Erotica: Amazon - $21.99

A nobleman and his two lovers - a teenage boy and a runaway nun - plan to kill his mentally fragile wife.
Sinfonia Erotica (Blu-ray) 

Sweet Virginia: Amazon - $17.99

An ex-rodeo rider strikes up a friendship with a young man who may be behind the violence occurring in their small town.

Sweet Virginia (Blu-ray) 

The Sadist of Notre Dame: Amazon - $22.99

An ex-priest escapes from an asylum and kills people in God's name.

The Sadist of Notre Dame (Blu-ray) 

Tokyo Ghoul: Amazon - $19.99

In Tokyo, the shy student Kaneki Ken dates the girl Kamishiro Rize and while in a lonely park, she attacks him since she is a flesh-eater ghoul. Kaneki escapes but soon he learns that he has become a ghoul. He befriends a group of peaceful ghouls and tries to live his new life with them. However they are hunted down by relentless two police officers from the Ghoul Division in charge of eradicate ghouls from their district.

Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie (Blu-ray) 

Looking Glass: Amazon - $12.99

A couple buy a desert motel where they find that strange, mysterious events occur.

Looking Glass (Blu-ray) 

Ballers (Season 3): Amazon - $18.99

A series centered around a group of football players and their families, friends, and handlers.
Ballers: The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray) 

  -The Impostor

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