Saturday, May 14, 2016

Creepy Pasta Mania: Burning Sage

Hey guys, happy Saturday the 14th! In honor of this past Friday the 13th, I wanted to keep the slasher theme going for this article, but the closest category I could find was the Murder and Death. The story isn't what I was expecting to find either but in a pretty good way.

Burning Sage 
(Pasta Served Here)

Genre: Murders and Death

Author: Pablo Swaurez

Reading Time: 18 minutes 23 seconds

Synopsis: Andrea just got a deal on her new house and she's not too worried about why it spent so long on the market. But maybe she should be.

(How Scary)

Pasta Quality
(How well written)

I've been reading a lot of the short and medium length pastas, so I decided to try out a longer form story. This one started off a little weird, with what I would consider unnecessary details (like what the main character's boss calls her, even though the boss is never part of the story). These may have been details from the author's real life that they thought would help to personalize the lead in Burning Sage, but it just gave people something to complain about. 
I guess I was pretty forgiving with the grammar and sentence structure weirdness in this story, but they really weren't that distracting to me. Not enough to turn me off of the ghostly goings on.

I liked the repetition that this pasta had, with the ghost's labored breathing and the gun shots. I definitely think it changes the pace to write out each instance, rather than saying something like "I could hear him breathing beside me." I was also pretty happy that the medium Andy called didn't perform any kind of ritual. She was very direct and didn't try to give her any false hope of solving everything by lighting some candles and chanting. I like when stories use our expectations against us and go in a totally different direction.
Than being said, the ending was my least favorite part of this pasta.


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