Monday, October 26, 2015

Ice Giant Shares Some Creepypasta

For those who don't know, Creepypasta are scary short stories that originated on boards such as 4chan and Reddit but have since become a thing all their own. Some of the more popular stories are even being turned into full length movies and many of the shorter stories have been attempted as short films but I find they just don't hold up for me. I love horror films and I, of course, prefer them over stories but when it comes to actually scaring me the stories do the job better by far; who knows what scares you better than you?  And when it's up to your mind to imagine whatever it is that is scary, it will always be scarier to you personally than someone else's idea. Creepypasta has a few characters who have broken into the the more main stream internet: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Squidward's Suicide, so I'll stay away from those and give you a few of my favorite to hopefully bring more of you into this amazing user generated world. Read the stories first then my comments about them if you don't want spoilers.

This is one of the first Creepypastas I read and I feel like it's a good place to start for everyone. It's one of the older creepypastas around, not too long and not too short. A lot of creepypastas seem to center on science and the fucked up things Russia, other Soviet Bloc or, if it goes back a little further, Nazis were up to behind closed door. It also doesn't end with any kind of twist..... Now don't get me wrong, I have no problems with twists but a good 80% of creepypastas end with one and it can get a bit tiring.

Another older one, Candle Cove uses a subject I always find interesting; the innocence of our minds when we're children and how we don't realize what we're seeing is not right or how anything is possible. It's not until years later when we look back and think maybe something was wrong with what we were seeing.

This is the story that made me really think of Creepypasta as a legit medium for horror. It's such a good look into a man truly losing his mind and so perfectly portrays this. When I first read it I was also very rarely going out and I could really connect with a character who doesn't even realize the world is falling apart around them because they haven't been a part of the world for a while.

Not all creepypastas are about some demon or killer aliens or anything malicious at all. Some of them are just, well, about something creepy. The Sandman does this perfectly. Much like Psychosis, it really shows how scary being alone really is....and the things we'll do to make sure we're not alone.

I'm going to end with Penpal because it is by far the longest and is broken up into multiple parts. This is one of the more successful creepypastas, it's already been turned into a novel and the last I heard it was being made into a movie. This is another one about being a child and how we don't know the dangers around us until we're much older. Unlike Candle Cove, this one has nothing supernatual about it and shows that humans are scary enough, we don't need any monsters.

- Ice Giant

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