Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scream Episode 10 "Revelations" Season Finale!!

What a ride! This was a great season and a really addictive show, that I was glad to see it do well with people who expected to hate it. No, I’m not talking about us, although I know I had my concerns... I will say this to the people who were still lukewarm, even after a bloody finale: watching this show with your fellow horror nerds will make it exponentially more enjoyable. I’m kinda sad that the season is over and that this segment will be on hold for a while, but we will reconvene at the start of next season and I hope you guys join us!!

Speaking of next season, we have some ideas about where the writers will take things, but first I want to talk a little bit about what we just saw in episode 10 “Revelations.” We all enjoyed the quotes and references that were made to the Scream movies in this episode! And surprisingly enough, they weren’t all made by Noah. Although, a lot of them were. He maintained the self-aware voice of the audience of the show very well. Also, when Brooke mentioned the land line in the kitchen and Jake said, “What is this, 1996?” The Impostor pointed out that that was the year the first Scream movie came out. Nice touch MTV! There was also a lot of the finale pointing to itself and acknowledging that the audience is expecting a lot out of it. It was a very cheeky way of saying “you just wait” to the audience. “Everyone wants blood, and I’m going to give it to them!” This line worked on multiple levels, and the gore got a great reaction!

Lord Battle noted that, until the very end, the show was subtly pointing to Audrey. In this case it was the outfit she wore to the party; it seemed like a new-age Freddy Krueger with the pattern and color scheme of her shirt, and her vest was the color of Freddy’s infamous hat. And as soon as she faced the masked killer and said, “What are you waiting for?” we all agreed that she meant for her partner to get on with the plan, especially when they didn’t cut back to her.

Audrey managed to kill her way into the in crowd. She and her cohort got rid of a lot of people close to Emma and her mother, and after Piper was revealed to be behind the mask, Audrey changed her mind about coming out as well. I’m sure that was supposed to act as kicking Emma when she’s down, to reveal that her rekindled friendship with Audrey was not what it seemed, but her connection and acceptance from Brooke must have changed her mind. She didn’t want to lose all these people who finally accepted her as equal.

Now, as for the future of this show… Like I said, just about everyone close to Emma is dead, but everyone close to Brooke is currently not even in the picture. So Lord Battle theorized that season 2 will focus on the majority favorite and clearly capable survivor girl, Brooke, who faced the masked killer(s) three or four times and still made it to the finale. He thinks that her mother and father will be released from their respective captivities and that she will spend a lot more time with Audrey than Emma, who may even get killed early into the season. Somehow, the killings will start up again, but Audrey will no longer be involved. However, someone will find out that she was at one point and use it against her. I’m definitely on board for a slasher vs. slasher finale next year!

Now we must do the obligatory craned sweep out above the carnage, and see you guys in the sequel.

- Huntress

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