Friday, April 24, 2015

Bay Area Movie Events: Roar and The Devil's Backbone Come to the City

First thing's first: Roar has started its almost week long run at the Roxie Theatre. It'll be there until the end of the month, for at least two showtimes a day and more on the weekend. I can't wait to see this movie, especially after seeing all of the stills and posters for it. Here's one, for example, although it is on the tame side of the scale. Pun fully intended.

Next bit of information: tomorrow night Guillermo del Torro will be doing a Q&A at San Francisco's beloved Castro Theatre at 8pm. 

He will also be presenting The Devil's Backbone afterwards. This is just one of the events included in this year's San Francisco International Film Fest. 

I have yet to watch this movie and this sounds like a pretty perfect setting to see it for the first time; surrounded by fans. Tickets for this event are still available at the film festival's site but you'll probably need to act fast. And if this doesn't sound incising to you, I'm sure something on their calendar will stand out. You check it out here.  

Let's enjoy some movies this weekend!

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