Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Babadook; A Brief but Hearty Update

Hello and happy Saturday! Hopefully all of you bay area residents made it through our recent Stormageddon, also known as #hellastorm, with minimal trouble. Personally, I just saw all the best sides of the rainy days and avoided driving whenever possible. I only saw pictures and footage of less fortunate situations. You would think that our dried up storm drains would have been able to handle the necessary liquid, but it just didn't work out that way. Anyway... onward!

For those of you who check out this blog on a regular basis know that the citizens of The Overlook Theatre were absolutely smitten with The Babadook without exception. Many of us were ecstatic to hear that the book featured in the film, a huge piece of the plot, was going to be available for preorder, contingent on 2000 orders. They gave people 60 days and reached their goal in about 2 weeks. There are 36 days left on the counter, so you can still grab your very own at HERE. Two days ago, it was announced that the director of this awesome movie decided to sign every copy of the book that is ordered. What!! That's an act of pure love and appreciation; the orders are currently at 2786. 

But there's more to this update! Another of the Overlooks loves, The Balboa Theatre will be screening The Babadook for the next week! This is a small theatre with two screen, but they will have two showtimes each day at 5pm and 9:45pm, starting yesterday and ending on the 18th. There will definitely be an Overlook field trip to the Balboa to support and enjoy both of these gems, and all those in range should do the same! And those who are not in range of this particular theatre are still in luck. Check out the dates and locations here to see which theatres around the country will be hosting this film and when. 

You can also follow Mister Babadook's facebook for more updates and fan art contest pictures. Enjoy!


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