Saturday, October 25, 2014

Box of Dread 10/17/2014 and McFarlane's Walking Dead Playsets

The October Box of Dread is finally here! Since this is the most appropriate month for something called a Box of Dread, there is naturally a bit of pressure to deliver (pardon the pun). So even though this has taken me a while to post, lets take a look inside Octobers box.

Above is all the little fun stuff that was sent: two buttons, two stickers, and an advertisement for Teddy Scares. The buttons are pretty cool, especially the headless horseman one. My favorite in this lot would have to be the "Something Strange" sticker, it's just too cool.

This is pretty straight forward and even though Maggie is far from my favorite character I still totally opened and played with her. Yes, this is what I do on Friday night. 

Here's the picture I shared on my Instagram.

I've yet to open this CD but the production quality is good enough that I will for sure give it a shot in the near future.

Last but definitely not least where the 5 Zombie Pumpkin patterns hidden on the bottom of the box. If you haven't visited you've been missing out! The patterns they have for sale online are amazing, I've bought a ton over the years and people are always impressed. The site is wonderful if you lack freestyle pumpkin carving talent.

In the end I can't say I'm totally satisfied this month but I can also say this is far from the worst box I've ever received. Now with that said, McFarlane just released some awesome boxsets to accompany whatever random Walking Dead toys us horror fans have. The 3 playsets below are as follows: The Prison, The Governors office, and a stretch of road with Darly's motorcycle.

All 3 Playsets rule but I will for sure be getting the Governors office. The light up fish tanks are just too cool!

-Lord Battle

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