Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Morning Message

Running the Overlook Theatre has been pretty stressful lately and it doesn't help that I've been feeling low on energy. Between work and the energy it takes getting 5-14 friends over regularly to screen films, I've been dragging on posts. I feel terrible about this simply because this blog has become a huge source of  enjoyment for me and all of the citizens.
Today was a great reminder of why a small amount of stress is nothing compared to the opportunities the blog presents. I slept in late again today (which has become a habit) and instead of being upset at the time I'd lost, I was thrilled by a message I had received on twitter.

"For you, because you understand me, and what I'm about to do. I wonder, do reality stars bleed pink? Let's find out." - L.A. Slasher

With this photo attached.

I can't say enough about how excited I am for this film, I think it's pure genius, and I mean every aspect of the film and it's marketing. I mean if the idea of the L.A. Slasher doesn't interest you, than check your pulse because you're dead.

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