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The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Darryl Blood (Musician (Turkish Delights), Composer (The Campus))

Last week, the Overlook Hour Podcast featured a guest with a peculiar and almost fabricated sounding name. And when that fact came up in conversation, he confirmed that, yes, Darryl Blood was actually his birth name. He went on to discuss new wave in the 80's, how if affected his fashion sense, and, of course, how he got into music. And many, many more topics. It's a long episode. And a fun listen.

Darryl Blood is the composer behind the strange and understated indie horror movie The Campus, whose synopsis sounds very reminiscent of another film that came out this year: 

"After reneging on a deal with the devil, Robert Wainwright is killed and his debt is passed on to his estranged daughter. Now she's trapped in a never ending cycle of terror as she's killed over and over, each time she losing a piece of her soul."

That last bit about losing a piece of her soul every time was the differentiating bit that added weight to this story and we had to check it out. 

I can confidently say that The Campus is worth a watch! It isn't as riddled with winky jokes as Happy Death Day (which I also enjoyed but had issues with), and the lead actress is put through A LOT of gore and maiming. I can't help but think she's a good sport to agree to a lot of this stuff.

But the real reason you shouldn't miss The Campus is the outstanding original soundtrack! You can find it on Darryl's BandCamp, and we certainly have our fingers crossed for a physical release in the future. 

Darryl has been working in the music industry for 20 years as a solo artist but was also the guitarist for Turkish Delights in the 90's. He moved into songwriting in the next chapter of his career, with influences like The Kinks, Harry Nilsson, Beck, and the Beetles. Now, he has transitioned into composing soundtracks. His work on The Campus made such a big impression on Lord Battle, that he tracked down Darryl's Bandcamp and left his thoughts in a review: 

"John Carpenter, Claudio Simonetti, and Fabio Frizzi are just some of the influences done justice in this massively overlooked soundtrack from Darryl Blood. The Campus soundtrack isn't another retro wave album inspired by a 20 second clip from Escape From New York, it's a fully formed score that enhances the film and lures you to bandcamp, fiending for more!"

After spending a good hour on the phone with the Overlook Hour hosts, Darryl came up with the Top 5 Topics that he wished he'd mentioned in the interview. They are:

1) I once used the one liner from the film The Hills Have Eyes, "it's only ketchup folks", spoken as a sick joke to my concerned mother and friends while I rolled past them on a hospital gurney, with my face horribly scarred and bloodied from a road accident (I had jumped off a flat bed truck at 16). Long story how this all came about, but a good one.

2) I used to love Creature Double Feature on TV every weekend growing up, watching horror classics like House of Wax, Night of the Living Dead, The Wicker Man, alongside monster classics Godzilla, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. I also had a subscription to Fangoria for a while. Also, Legend of Hell House with Roddy McDowell comes to mind too. I absorbed so many weird horror and sci-fi films in my head growing up, but I'm not great at recalling them on cue. 

3) I missed my senior prom by going to my girlfriend's junior prom. She ended up driving me home early anyways in a rage (granted, because I was moping and whining about missing my senior prom most of the night). She blasted The Smiths while driving insanely fast down some dark country roads. 

4) I am obsessively creeped out by the sight of detached hair strands, especially hair found in food, public pools, etc. If there was a horror movie premise where victims are strangled or drowned in human hair, that would be the scariest horror movie I've ever seen. Ironically, my wife makes wigs for a living, and often brings home heads stocks to work on, which leaves a lot of hair strands on the carpet. Go figure.

5) The legacy of my birth name has a dark secret. I was legally born Darryl Leigh Blood, but never met my biological father. I was legally adopted by my Step-father when my mother married, when I was around 8 years old, wherein my name was amended to Darryl Stephen Greene. I was later told that "Stephen" was named after my Step-father's childhood friend who had drown in a frozen lake. I went by this name until I was well into my twenties, until I made an official change of name in court and at the social security office in the late 90's. 


Be sure to  check out episode 110 with Darryl to see which topics made it into the conversation!

Check out Darryl Blood's music on his BandCamp!

Darryl also had some recommended links:


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