Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Unnamed Footage Festival Returns to San Francisco for Three Days of Found Footage Horror in 2019

Watch the exclusive festival promo HERE

San Francisco, CA - The Unnamed Footage Festival emerges from a dormant state to announce that it will be returning to the Bay Area in 2019 to celebrate the most divisive subgenre of horror offer once more. This announcement follows the appearance of an unmarked box containing a collection of unraveled film canisters and a near indecipherable notebook on the street in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Those who discovered the box were able to conclude that it was related to the Unnamed Footage Festival, and that the notebook was the key to the riddle. Seeking the assistance of local codebreakers and busibodies, it was determined that the message scrawled in the notebook gave the details for the upcoming festival, which will be return to the historic Balboa Theatre on Friday, February 22 and Saturday, February 23 in 2019. The frantic notes also confirmed the festival will be expanding for its second edition, adding an opening night “Calibration Party” on Thursday, February 21st. Upon wiping away congealed grime on the inside of the front cover, the words “Submit” and “FilmFreeway” became legible. Sadly, a name written next to a printed section labeled “Please Return To” remained too damaged to make out.

When contacted to comment on the interactive publicity stunt, UFF representatives grew uneasy, stating that the box had gone missing shortly after the first festival. They added relief that the box had resurfaced, and advised everyone who came in contact with it to wash their hands.

Along with the two day program of the film festival, which will include more short films, new features, classics, and under-the-radar gems, the UFF staff did confirm the Calibration Party will take place at the Artists’ Television Access (ATA) in the Mission District. The party will kick off with a screening and an intimate conversation with a filmmaker, followed by a reception with complimentary wine & beer. Further details on the event will be announced, along with ticket sales, in the coming months.

UFF programmers continue their search for new, old, and lost films that fall under the category of Found Footage Horror, Faux Documentary, or first person Point of View (POV) Cinema, even expanding the range to include Social Media Found Footage. “The stigma surrounding this subgenre is thicker than ever,” said the familiar UFF spokesperson. “With our second year, we aim to prove that there is a well of fascinating found footage horror films to be discovered. Fans and new converts will be very excited to see what we’ve dug up, and how it showcases the merit and creativity of this filmmaking style.”

Submissions for UFF2 will be accepted until January 11, 2019. Short films, anything under 40 minutes, are $10 to submit, while features are $20. “Many filmmakers start with found footage and then try to forget about it. Why not screen it to the right audience in a dark, spooky theatre instead?”

Submissions are now being accepted through Film Freeway: 

Badges will go on sale in early 2019. Follow the Unnamed Footage Festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. Updates will also be released as they become available on the weekly Overlook Hour Podcast.

Unnamed Representatives are available for phone and email interviews.
Press requests can be sent to

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bluray Tuesday Featuring: The Nun, Elizabeth Harvest & Mission Impossible: Fallout

December 4th 2018

This has been a great year for releases so far. It feels like this year has flown by, now we are in the last few weeks of 2018. The first week of December kicks off with The Conjuring Universe spinoff film The Nun. While this wasn't my favorite of franchise, I'd definitely recommend it. Scream Factory releases indie sci-fi horror film Elizabeth Harvest. This has an interesting premise, I'm looking forward to checking out. The 6th in the Mission Impossible series hits shelves today, Mission Impossible: Fallout. This sequel was a crazy theater experience, there's lots of action, insane stunts and twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend checking this one out this week. Best Buy will carry their usual exclusive steelbook for this release. With the announcement of the CGI Lion King released, Disney is yet again re releasing the original animated classic The Lion King in 4K. Stop by Best Buy for an exclusive steelbook or Target for their exclusive which comes with art cards. Rounding out the week is the second seasons of Westworld and The Handmaiden's Tale, and the not so funny comedy The Happytime Murders. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

The Nun: Amazon - $22.99
4K: Amazon - $29.99

A priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.

The Nun (Blu-ray) 

The Nun 4K (Blu-ray) 

Elizabeth Harvest: Amazon - $14.99

Newlywed Elizabeth arrives with her brilliant scientist husband Henry to his magnificent estate, where he wows her with lavish dinners and a dazzling tour of the property. The house staff Claire and Oliver (Matthew Beard) treat her deferentially but she can't shake the feeling something is off. Henry explains that everything in his world now belongs to her, all is for her to play in - all except for a locked-off room he forbids her from entering. When he goes away for business, Elizabeth decides to investigate.

Elizabeth Harvest (Blu-ray) 

Mission Impossible: Fallout: Amazon - $19.99
 4K: Amazon - $21.99

Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to prevent a disaster of epic proportions. Arms dealer John Lark and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Blu-ray) 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Best Buy - $29.99

Mission: Impossible - Fallout 4K (Blu-ray) 

The Lion King 4K: Amazon - $29.99 

A young lion cub named Simba just can't wait to be king. But the sudden death of his father, Mufasa, and the treacherous actions of his Uncle Scar lead Simba into exile and ultimately on a hero's journey of self-discovery. Adopting the "hakuna matata" philosophy of his comical jungle guardians — a warthog and a meerkat (Pumbaa and Timon) — Simba eventually comes to terms with his destiny and returns home to Pride Rock to help put things right.

The Lion King 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Best Buy - $34.99

The Lion King 4K (Blu-ray) 

Exclusive Packaging:  Target - $32.99 

The Lion King 4K (Blu-ray) 

The Happytime Murders: Amazon - $19.99

When the puppet cast of an '80s children's TV show begins to get murdered one by one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye puppet takes on the case.

The Happytime Murders (Blu-ray) 

Bloody Birthday: Amazon - $22.99

Lacking consciences because they were born during a solar eclipse, a trio of 10-year-olds embark on an indiscriminate killing spree.
 Bloody Birthday (Blu-ray) 

Westworld (Season 2): Amazon - $36.99
4K: Amazon - $44.99 

In the series' second season, the newly awakened "hosts" explore their new reality, and flashbacks dig deeper into the origins of the world's most sophisticated theme park.

Westworld: Season Two (Blu-ray) 

Westworld: Season Two 4K (Blu-ray) 

Steelbook: Best Buy - $49.99

Westworld: Season Two 4K (Blu-ray) 

The Handmaiden's Tale (Season 2): Amazon - $23.99

Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live in sexual servitude under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

The Handmaid's Tale: Season Two (Blu-ray) 

The Serpent's Egg: Amazon - $22.99

After his brother inexplicably commits suicide, unemployed Jewish-American circus performer Abel Rosenberg is stuck in Berlin with his sister-in-law, Manuela, a cabaret singer. Desperate circumstances lead to the pair taking jobs at a medical facility run by Professor Hans Vergerus, who also offers to give them shelter. However, the clinic turns out be a very sinister place, and soon the lives of Abel and Manuela are in serious jeopardy.

The Serpent's Egg (Blu-ray) 

Ride: Amazon - $14.99

RIDE is a cautionary tale aimed at a technology-obsessed society. When James, an Uber driver, and his passenger, Jessica, pick up the charismatic but manipulative Bruno, a normal night out in LA becomes a psychological war for survival.

Ride (Blu-ray) 

H.P. Lovecraft & The Kingdom of Madness: Amazon - $16.99

A young Howard Lovecraft and a few friends must travel to Antarctica in order to prevent the awakening of Cthulhu.

Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness (Blu-ray) 

Corpse Prison: Part Two: Amazon - $13.99

For 50 years no girls were born in a small village deep in the mountains. A professor, his assistant and his female students from university arrive in this isolated village for field work. Will they make it back? 

Corpse Prison: Part Two (Blu-ray) 

Till Death Do Us Part: Amazon - $11.99

Michael and Madison Roland had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, until one day Michael's controlling ways turned their perfect marriage. With the help of her best friend, Madison decides to get away. After adopting a new identity, she meets Alex Stone and learns to love again. All is well, until Michael discovers Madison's whereabouts, and recreates the nightmare she once lived all over again.

Til Death Do Us Part (Blu-ray) 

- The Impostor 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Screenings in the Bay (Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th): Pig, The Fear Footage, Dial Code Santa Clause, Reborn

Ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. And while I'm not too crazy about that fact, I am very excited to check out the Christmas horror lineup at the Alamo Drafthouse! It starts this week, with Dial Code Santa Clause on Terror Tuesday! I've seen several of the other titles billed for the rest of the month, but this one will be entirely new to me. 

December also means the classic Christmas movies will be popping up, and that of course means that Gizmo's adorable face will be appearing at several theatres throughout the month. 

The 4 Star Theatre presents a new Taiwanese horror film starting this Friday, and the Roxie gets an Iranian slasher on Sunday.

And that's all before we talk about Another Hole in the Head! Every day this week has something interesting screening at the New People Cinema, except for Wednesday, when the festival screens Lifechanger at the Landmark Embarcadero Theatre. Then on Saturday, Barbara Crampton will be attending the Reborn screening at 7pm, followed by The Fear Footage with an intro by the Overlook maniacs! Check out our review HERE and come by the New People at 9pm to see what we're talking about.

Monday 3rd @ 9pm (1hr 46min)
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
After a group of girls get murdered, they come back as ghosts and seek revenge.

Wednesday 5th @ 7:15pm (1hr 24min)
Horror/ Thriller (IMDB)
A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

Thursday 6th @ 7pm (1hr 16min)
Horror/ Slasher
Danny is your average Brooklyn party boy. This year, he and his friends couldn't be more excited about the upcoming "Brooklyn Annual Enema Party"; one of Brooklyn's biggest party, the event is a place "where you come to get douched and dance". While the night starts out fun, it quickly takes a turn for the worst when Danny is attacked by a stranger. In the end, his fabulous drag queen and queer friends are able to save his life, but not without deadly consequences. A year later, Danny is still going throughout the aftermath of that horrible incident and refuses to go to this year's upcoming "Brooklyn Annual Enema Party", despite the pressure of his close friends Cholata, Collin and Gayson. His friends want Danny to face his fears and go back out into the world. Danny refuses, but when a new boy, PuppyPup, enters his life, Danny decides to give his social life and the Brooklyn nightlife scene a second chance. It isn't until his friends start to disappear and get killed in gruesome ways that Danny realizes that his life, and everyone else who helped him that night, are in danger. A man wearing a unicorn mask is killing off Brooklyn nightlife, one queen at a time, and he won't stop until he has his revenge.

Saturday 8th @ 7pm (1hr 18min)
Horror/ Thriller
A stillborn baby girl is abducted by a morgue attendant and brought back to life by electrokinetic power. On her 16th birthday, she escapes captivity and sets out to find her birth mother, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

With Barbara Crampton in person!

Saturday 8th @ 9pm (1hr 11min)
Horror (IMDB)
On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole vanished. The next morning, his body camera was found.

With an intro by the Overlook Theatre!


Opening This Week

Limited Theatres/VOD Friday 7th (1hr 51min)
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
Mateho the Inquisitor (Jake Stormoen, "The Outpost") and his comrade (Kristian Nairn, "Game of Thrones") are summoned to a monastery to investigate a series of mysterious murders and the alleged 'witch' accused of the horrific crimes. It soon becomes clear that something evil haunts the church and Mateho must act quickly to stop the dark vengeance from destroying everything in its path.

Opens Friday 7th (1hr 30min)
Horror (IMDB)
The devil fish which manipulated by Juon-like ghost ''a little girl in red dress'' targets tiger-man's mother. Then, tiger-man tries excising his mother from the devil fish and a little girl in red dress.

Terror Tuesday

Tuesday 4th @ 10pm (1hr 27min)
Action/ Horror/ Thriller (IMDB)
Before HOME ALONE, there was DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS. Thomas is a typical 1980's kid who loves Rambo, computers, role-playing games and his dog. While Mom's away at the office on Christmas Eve, Thomas and his grandfather are left home alone -- perfect timing for a disgruntled, perverted, bloodthirsty Santa Claus to raid the home down the chimney. But Hell hath no fury like a mulleted 10-year-old with an arsenal of toys!

Weird Wednesday

Wednesday 5th @ 10pm (1hr 30min)
Crime/ Horror/ Thriller (IMDB)
A wagon load of convicts on their way to prison is being escorted through the mountains by a cavalry troop. They are attacked by a bandit gang, and only a sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and an assortment of seven sadistic, murderous prisoners survive, and they are left without horses or a wagon. The sergeant must find a way to get his prisoners to their destination while protecting his daughter, watching out for the still pursuing bandits and trying to determine which one of the prisoners was the man who raped and murdered his wife.

Movie Party

Friday 7th @ 1pm & 6pm (1hr 47min)
Saturday 8th @ 6pm
Comedy/ Horror/ Sci-Fi (Rotten Tomatoes)
A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

Also Screening at the Balboa Theatre

Balboa Theatre

Gremlins (1984)
Friday 7th @ 7:30pm (1hr 47min)
Comedy/ Horror/ Sci-Fi (Rotten Tomatoes)
A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

Double Feature

Halloween (2018)
Friday 7th @ 7pm (1hr 46min)
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
It's been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a vicious attack from crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Locked up in an institution, Myers manages to escape when his bus transfer goes horribly wrong. Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, Ill. -- but this time, she's ready for him.


Suspiria (2018)
Friday 7th @ 9pm (2hrs 32min)
Fantasy/ Horror/ Mystery (IMDB)
A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe's artistic director (Swinton), an ambitious young dancer (Johnson), and a grieving psychotherapist (Ebersdorf). Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up.

Midnight Madness

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th @ 11:55pm (1hr 39min)
Action/ Adventrure/ Fantasy (Rotten Tomatoes)
"Kurt Russell plays hard-boiled truck driver Jack Burton, who gets caught in a bizarre conflict within, and underneath, San Francisco's Chinatown. An ancient Chinese prince and Chinatown crime lord has kidnapped a beautiful green-eyed woman, who is the fiancee to Jack's best friend. Jack must help his friend rescue the girl before the evil Lo Pan uses her to break the ancient curse that keeps him a fleshless and immortal spirit."

Saturday 8th @ 9:15pm (1hr 33min)
Sunday 9th @ 1:45pm
Fantasy/ Action (Google)
"Jen (Stephen Garlick), raised by the noble race called the Mystics, has been told that he is the last survivor of his own race, the Gelflings. He sets out to try to find a shard of the dark crystal, a powerful gem that once provided balance to the universe. After the crystal was broken, the evil Skeksis used sinister means to gain control. Jen believes that he can repair the dark crystal and bring peace back to the world, if he can only find the remaining shard."

Sunday 9th @ 4pm (1hr 48min)
Drama/ Crime (Google)
Iranian directors are getting slaughtered by an unknown serial killer and a blacklisted director, Hasan Kasmai, is curious about only one thing: Why isn't the killer after him?


Friday, November 30, 2018

Found Footage Appears at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival in San Francisco

Yes, it's that time again! For the next two weeks, the New People Cinema will be teaming with horror, sci-fi, and indie film nerds, all excited to catch the programming of the 15th annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival. As usual, it's an eclectic lineup with a lot of horror, but the screenings I'm especially excited for are more specific than that. And one of them is tonight...

Friday 30th @ 7pm (1hr 22min)
Mystery/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller (IMDB)
On March 13, 1997 thousands of people claimed to have simultaneously witnessed unexplainable lights in the Phoenix, Arizona night sky. What were the lights? To this day it remains a mystery and footage of the incidents has been used in documentaries on the subject of UFOs. The Phoenix Incident is a fictionalized heart-pounding thriller based on this real-life event. Written and directed by gaming talent director Keith Arem (Call of Duty, Titanfall) and starring Troy Baker (famed gaming actor) this one-night event uses whistleblower testimony, recovered military footage and eyewitness accounts to create a sci-fi thriller that examines the US military's alleged engagement of alien spacecrafts. In addition to being able to experience this exciting film, event attendees will be exposed to an exclusive 5-minute documentary about UFO sightings and government cover ups and a special panel discussion previously captured at this year's UFO congress.

We are currently congregating the found footage faithfuls and will be dispatching to see this momentarily. Next weekend, it will be followed up by a film we had the pleasure of scaring our audience with earlier this year...

Saturday 8th @ 9pm (1hr 11min)
Horror (IMDB)
On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole vanished. The next morning, his body camera was found.

You can check out the full review HERE

As I said in my review, this is a total creeper. The less you know about it the better, but one thing I can confirm is that it's a found footage horror anthology. I waited months to watch it and I'm pretty excited to see it again. And this time, the an unidentified Overlook creature will be introducing the film. So you guys better come out! 


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bluray Tuesday Featuring: Searching, The Critters Collection & What Keeps You Alive

November 27th 2018

The last Bluray Tuesday of November is here. This week is filled with thrillers, foreign horror and a few titles released for the first time on Bluray. First up from Scream Factory is my favorite release of the day, The Critters Collection. This boxset includes all 4 films released from 1986 - 1992 with new scans and bonus material. Also from Scream Factory, indie thriller What Keeps You Alive and the Munchies / Munchie double feature are released today. Searching finally arrives on Bluray this week, I felt like I saw this a really long time ago. It's definitely thrilling and keeps you guessing to the very end. The Little Stranger is a slow burn mystery as well, it wasn't too bad of a film but I'd recommend a rent on this one. And pay attention to everything. Rounding out the week is mini series Picnic at Hanging Rock, Lucio Fulci's Zombie with 3 covers and HBO's Sharp Objects. So what will you buy, rent or skip this week? Let us know in the comments. Until next week!

Searching: Amazon - $19.99

After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a desperate father breaks into her laptop to look for clues to find her. A thriller that unfolds entirely on computer screens.

Searching (Blu-ray) 

What Keeps You Alive: Amazon - $14.99

Majestic mountains, a still lake and venomous betrayals engulf a female married couple attempting to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

What Keeps You Alive (Blu-ray) 

The Critters Collection: Amazon - $57.99

They're back and ready to devour your Blu-ray player The terrifying and tiny menaces are out in full force with this four-film collection packed with enough Special Features to make any fan's mouth water! In Critters, the terrified Brown family are trapped in a deadly nightmare and must fight for their lives against a litter of extraterrestrial, bloodthirsty monsters. But it's a losing battle until two intergalactic bounty hunters arrive, determined to blow the creatures off the planet! In Critters 2: The Main Course, some eggs have survived and are popping open, bringing another horde of the little creatures! Brad Brown (Scott Grimes) returns to fight them along with three bounty hunters. Critters 3 stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Josh, a beleaguered Angelino who must lead the fight against the little monsters as they invade an L.A. apartment building. In the final film, Critters 4, a super strain of genetically engineered monsters are designed to take over the universe. This time, Brad Dourif and Angela Bassett must battle the little bloodthirsty hairballs.

The Critters Collection (Blu-ray) 

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Amazon - $27.99

Three schoolgirls and their governesses mysteriously disappear on Valentines Day in 1900.

 Picnic at Hanging Rock (Blu-ray) 

Zombie (1979): Amazon - $33.99

Strangers looking for a woman's father arrive at a tropical island where a doctor desperately searches for the cause and cure of a recent epidemic of the undead.
Cover 1

Zombie (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Cover 2

Zombie (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Cover 3
Zombie (Blu-ray)
Temporary cover art 

Gosford Park: Amazon - $20.99

The lives of upstairs guest and downstairs servants at a party in 1932 in a country house in England as they investigate a murder involving one of them.

Gosford Park (Blu-ray) 

Almost Human: Amazon - $18.99

A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, rapes and murders he commits aren't making him all that much money, so he figures to hit the "big time" by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man.

Almost Human (Blu-ray) 

Sharp Objects (Season One): Amazon - $34.99

A reporter confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to cover a violent murder.

Sharp Objects (Blu-ray) 

Munchies / Munchie: Amazon - $24.99

Simon Watterman, a space archaeologist, discovers the "Munchies" in a cave in Peru. Cecil Watterman, Simon's evil twin brother and snack food entrepreneur, kidnaps the creature. What Cecil does not know is that the creature, when chopped up, regenerates into many new creatures -- and are they mean!
Munchies / Munchie (Blu-ray) 

The Little Stranger: Amazon - $22.99

Tells the story of Dr Faraday, the son of a housemaid, who has built a life of quiet respectability as a country doctor. During the long hot summer of 1947, he is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked. The Hall has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries. But it is now in decline and its inhabitants - mother, son and daughter - are haunted by something more ominous than a dying way of life. When he takes on his new patient, Faraday has no idea how closely, and how terrifyingly, the family's story is about to become entwined with his own.

The Little Stranger (Blu-ray) 

Basic Instinct 2: Amazon - $22.99

She captivated moviegoers with her raw sensuality and steel heart. Now Sharon Stone is back as the notorious crime novelist, Catherine Tramell. This time she proves to be respected criminal psychologist Dr. Michael Glass' (David Morrissey) deadliest challenge. With professional boundaries blurred by obsession, Dr. Glass is lured into a murderous web of lies and deceit and begins a torrid affair with Tramell that takes him to the point of no return. As their passions rise, so does the body count - and Dr. Glass faces a choice that will change his life forever.

Basic Instinct 2 (Blu-ray) 

- The Impostor