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Digging Up the Dirt with KillDozer and Jon Mikl Thor of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

It's hard to say what turns a film into a "cult classic". What I can say is that the film Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987) is most definitely a title that springs to mind when making a top 10 list of cult favorites. With its over the top 80's gore, practical effects, wildly imaginative storyline and heavy metal soundtrack, it's easy to see how monster kids, genre nerds, and metal heads could embrace this title and hold it close to their hearts while the rest of the world dismissed it. With the documentary "I AM THOR" now streaming on Netflix, I was inspired to reach out to the man himself as I realized that as long as I've been a fan I didn't know much about him. I was extremely excited that he made some time in his busy schedule to speak with with me.

xKillDozerx: As a professional performer, what is your number one goal? Are you consistent with how you treat your audience or do you cater your performance?

Thor: My number one goal is to entertain the crowd. I give my all with every performance to everyone in the audience.

xKillDozerx: Do you think of yourself as more of an actor or a musician?

Thor: Both.

xKillDozerx: Did you ever think that the film Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare would become the cult classic that it is? Why do you think people love the film as much as they do?

Thor: No, I just hoped that it would get distributed. It's amazing to me that over 30 years later new generations get into this film. People like it because it's a lot of fun and it has great music that stand the test of time .

xKillDozerx: What do you bring to the roles you play both on the stage and on the screen?

Thor: I become the character I am expected to be on stage. For a film role I become that character that I must be.

xKillDozerx: What kind of feedback have you received from the documentary released about your life? What was your take on the film? Were you happy with how you were portrayed or would you have changed some things?

Thor: There has been an incredible reception. The movie has won numerous awards at film festivals throughout the world. I was not completely happy with how I was portrayed, but then I am the protagonist and the movie was shot through the lens of the director and producer. I left the filming and editing up to them.

xKillDozerx: What inspired you to write Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare? Did you write it with the idea that you would also star in the leading role?

Thor: The original name for the movie was Arc Angel. The idea was to combine elements of Superman, Hercules with horror and science fiction. I wasn't intending to star in the film.

xKillDozerx: John Fasano, who directed the film also wrote Darkness Falls and Another 48 Hours. How did he become involved with the project? What was his technique like on set?

Thor: He is a true talent. An amazing director and producer. He was involved right from the beginning. We both wanted to work on this project together ever since we became friends and were involved with a previous movie called Zombie Nightmare.

xKillDozerx: Were you able to see Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare in a theatre when it came out? What was the initial crowd response?

Thor: The crowd went wild for the movie and gave it a standing ovation. It was the same type of reaction as when I saw the Rock Horror Picture Show.

xKillDozerx: What was the reason behind the title change from The Edge of Hell to Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare? To your knowledge are the cuts different at all?

Thor: The movie had numerous titles. Arc Angel, The Intercessor, The Defender. We felt RNRN was more commercial for the US market. No the cuts aren't different.

xKillDozerx: How much artistic input do you have on the projects you work on? Is making your vision a reality everything or are you open to input?

Thor: I am open to input. But I am the idea man, the creative catalyst. I come up with the concept whether it is an album or movie. I like the idea of creating a concept and seeing it through to fruition. But I need a little help from my friends.

xKillDozerx: What projects are you currently working on? How can someone go about following your work on social media?

Thor: The new album is out: "Beyond The Pain Barrier" on Cleopatra Records. Also we are in post production for the movie: "Return of the Thunderhawk" to be released on Cleopatra Music and Film . Go to for info.

xKillDozerx: I have always appreciated how dedicated you are to your fans. What does it mean to you to have such a dedicated following?

Thor: The fans are everything. Without the fans there is nothing.

xKillDozerx: If Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare were ever remade who would you like to see play you?

Thor: I was thinking of a female lead. Change it up. Wonder Woman was a huge hit. How about Olivia Holt? She has a big young fan base who would get into the movie with her as "The Intercessor" Joan Triton. She would be John Triton's daughter.

xKillDozerx: If you could choose a "Universe" for your films to exist in which would you choose and why? (example- Star Wars universe, Harry Potter universe)

Thor: DC Universe. I could see Triton co-exist with Batman, Superman and the rest as opposed to the Marvel, Star Wars etc. Universe.

xKillDozerx: What is the coolest thing you have taken from the production of any of the films you have been in?

Thor: My metal cod-piece from RNRN.

Keep up with Jon Mikl Thor and Thor on Facebook, and at the band's official site.


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