Monday, July 10, 2017

Screenings in the Bay (Monday to Friday): Wish Upon, The Zodiac Killer, Jodorowsky Retospective

This is one of those weeks where you could probably live in the theatre because there is something cool screening every single day of the week! The Alamo Drafthouse has a great Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday lined up, in addition to their new segment, Care Package. Super Shangri-La Show returns to the Balboa Theatre for one colossal movie, and the Maniac co-presents a Jodorowsky Retrospective at the Roxie Friday to Saturday. And we're getting a new release on top of all that!

Opening This Week

Wish Upon (2017)
Early Screenings Thursday 13th (1hr 30min)
Opens Friday 14th
Horror (Rotten Tomatoes)
In the latest horror thriller from the director of ANNABELLE, 17-year-old CLARE SHANNON (Joey King) is barely surviving the hell that is high school, along with her friends MEREDITH (Sydney Park) and JUNE (Shannon Purser). So when her dad (Ryan Phillippe) gifts her an old music box with an inscription that promises to grant the owner's wishes, she thinks there is nothing to lose. Clare makes her first wish and, to her surprise, it comes true. Before long, she finally has it all: money, popularity and her dream boy. Everything seems perfect - until the people closest to her begin dying in gruesome and twisted ways. Now, with blood on her hands, Clare has to get rid of the box, before it costs her and everyone she loves the ultimate price. Be careful what you wish for. Broad Green Pictures' WISH UPON is directed by John R. Leonetti (ANNABELLE) and produced by Sherryl Clark (CLOVERFIELD).

Care Package

Monday 10th @ 10pm (1hr 39min)
Action/ Adventure/ Comedy (IMDB)
"Kurt Russell plays hard-boiled truck driver Jack Burton, who gets caught in a bizarre conflict within, and underneath, San Francisco's Chinatown. An ancient Chinese prince and Chinatown crime lord has kidnapped a beautiful green-eyed woman, who is the fiancee to Jack's best friend. Jack must help his friend rescue the girl before the evil Lo Pan uses her to break the ancient curse that keeps him a fleshless and immortal spirit."

Terror Tuesday

Tuesday 11th @ 10pm (1hr 39min)
Horror/ Comedy (IMDB)
Blood, gore and violence abounds when a wealthy Beverly Hills teen learns the awful truth about his family after undergoing weeks of paranoid psychological torment.

Weird Wednesday

Wednesday 12th @ 10:45pm (1hr 27min)
Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller (IMDB)
This 1971 exploitation vehicle is primarily designed for maximum squirms, produced as it was at the height of the true-life killer's notoriety, but it's notable for the efforts made by the filmmakers to include authentic case details while theorizing about the identity of the still-unapprehended serial slayer. Opening with a major red herring in the guise of a trucker who claims to be the Zodiac before being killed by police in a domestic violence standoff, we're eventually introduced to the real psycho, a postal worker named Jerry (Hal Reed) who breeds rabbits in his apartment and murders in order to collect slaves to serve him in the afterlife.

Super Shangri-La Show Presents

Wednesday 12th @ 7:30pm (2hrs 7min)
Adventure/ Drama/ History (IMDB)
While on holiday in Rhodes, Athenian war hero Darios becomes involved in two different plots to overthrow the tyrannical king, one from Rhodian patriots and the other from sinister Phoenician agents.

San Francisco Premier!

Tuesday 11th @ 7pm (1hr 19min)
Comedy/ Muscial (IMDB)
Cherry Pop, directed by Assaad Yacoub, follows one wild, crazy night at a drag club, where the matriarch of the show Zaza refuses to come out of her dressing room, while a young newcomer, The Cherry, is tormented by the regular troupe of back-stabbing queens.

Followed by a Q&A with key cast!

Midnight Madness

Friday 14th @ 11:55pm (2hrs 4min)
Animation/ Action/ Scifi (IMDB)
"A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath that only one kid and a group of psychics can stop."

Wednesday 12th @ 7pm (2hrs)
Animation/ Si-Fi (IMDB)
Set in a time when Sarajevo was obliterated by a homemade nuclear device, the story reflects a world inundated with genocide. An American man by the name of John Paul seems to be responsible for all of this and intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd treks across the wasteland of the world to find him and the eponymous "genocidal organ."

Midnites for Maniacs & Spoke Art Present
Alejandro Jodorowsky Retrospective Part 1

Friday 14th @ 7pm (2hrs 4min)
Art House/ Drama/ Western
A bizarre, ultra-violent, allegorical Western, "El Topo" is set in two halves that have widely been compared to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In the first half, Jodorowsky plays a violent, black-clad gunfighter who, accompanied by his naked son, sets off on a murderous mission to challenge four Zen masters of gunfighting, and learns from each of them a Great Lesson before they die. In the second half, El Topo sets out to find personal redemption, secluding himself in a subterranean community to learn the ways of peace, but unfortunately death is never far away. First released as an underground film, it was thanks to John Lennon that the film was acquired by Allen Klein of ABKCO, who bought the rights to "El Topo" and then financed Alejandro Jodorowsky's next film "The Holy Mountain."

Friday 14th @ 9:30pm (1hr 38min)
Adventure/ Fantasy (IMDB)
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (EL TOPO, SANTA SANGRE), this strange classic was "lost" for 30 years. It tells the tale of two youths (Fando and his partially paralyzed lover Lis) who search through a destroyed world for the mythical city of Tar, where it is believed that all of one's wishes can come true. Instead, along the way, they are corrupted and driven mad. The film caused a riot upon its premiere at the 1968 Acapulco Film Festival.

Part 2 continues Saturday 15th


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